Monday, October 3, 2011

"I Have Juice"

If you happened to 'like' the DxOne facebook page, please let me know so I can let him know if I had ten people 'like' it...would love to share a sneak peak with you!

I noticed the top of a little girl's head a row up and over from where we were sitting as service started on Sunday.

She was trying to get in a comfortable, reclining position in the padded chairs and was struggling a bit.

I was concerned, as any mother would be, for a child that was obviously not having the best morning.

It took me a minute to realize it was our friend R, who is also T1.  (It was odd to see them in service (we tend to pass each other while dropping of our kiddos) as they usually don't sit near us...and in a room that can seat around a thousand people, it's not a given that you will see friends who go to the same service.)

My concern grew.

Her mom sat down and was trying to help her get settled and was pulling out a granola bar for her.

Immediately, my 'is she low?' radar went off.

So I went over and let her mom know that I had juice if that would help, if she didn't want to eat the granola bar or needed something a bit more fast acting.

She smiled and said, "Oh, she's not low, she just doesn't feel good and is hungry.  Thanks, though.  That's really sweet."

We chatted briefly as everyone was singing and I gave R a little 'feel better' rub on her head and then I went back to my seat.

I watched, knowingly, as R's mom dosed her for the granola bar, feeling a tug at my heart because we live that same life.

Nothing's easy about anything, even a little snack during church when your kiddo isn't feeling well.


  1. The sentiments of same!!

    I liked it a long time ago, but would love to get a sneak peak! ;)

  2. *big sigh*

    I am sure it was a comfort to her knowing the "same-same" was right there with her. Nothing is really as simple as it seems with type 1 in the mix. Is it?

  3. Denise... I "liked" the DX1 facebook page :)

  4. i love the feeling of knowing there is another t1 family in the room...comforting

  5. We call them 'sighting' . . . like, "Did you notice that insulin pump? or Did you see that blood glucose strip on the floor?". Yep, another member of our gang is nearby. Makes it feel like you are not all alone out there

  6. I applaud you for being support to her. Man, I wished you lived nearby us and went to our church I sure could do with emergency back up juices at times ! lol.


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