Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Nails

FFL nails?
toes are the same blue at the moment, too :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Same, for me, IRL

While Bean is enjoying a week of 'same for her' this week at D-Camp, I got to enjoy some 'same for me' with a leisurely lunch today with Becky from Pancreas FAIL.

Her son is at encampment this week (bummer that it's the same week as D-Camp, but that's life) so we took the opportunity to meet up on our own.

It was a great time of instant connection, chatting about this and that, laughing and smiles, commiserating about D crap, and just general good old conversation that seems to have to take a backseat to life sometimes.

Even though she's hundreds of miles up the road, I'm looking forward to more get togethers whenever they come down.  And, if we ever get up the road, I know a great family to hang out with!!

yeah, so the random waitress we asked to take the picture wasn't the best photographer...whatevs!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not This Week

Here is a list of things that I won't be doing this week:

1. Counting carbs
2. Weighing food on a scale
3. Testing BGs
4. Asking for a number
5. Asking 'Was sagt die Wilma?'  (what we ask Bean when we want to know what her CGM says)
6. Setting an alarm for 2am
7. Changing a pod
8. Debating what food item will best treat a low or potential low
9. Going through a random drive through just for a water bottle to treat a high
10. Checking the clock before agreeing to a snack

Why am I not doing these things this week?

Because it's D-CAMP WEEK!!!

Bean left this afternoon for a two hour ride on a school bus filled with close to 60 T1D kids on their way to a fabulous week full of fun!
She has been super excited and was thrilled to help me pick out travel sized stuff at the store and pack her suit case full of everything from tank tops to sweat never know what the weather will be like in AK in the summer!!
We were asked to help with the check in process, with the photos, and it was super fun getting to talk with each of the campers.  There were teenagers who have been to camp 6 times and little seven year olds who are experiencing camp for the first time this year.
Bean made several brand new friends while waiting for our turn with the nursing staff as well as connected with friends from last year.  It's amazing to see the instant camaraderie between these kids.

It was way easier this year to hug her goodbye and wave to her from the sidewalk as she waved from the bus window.  It also helps to know that her FNP and CDE are part of the staff this year...especially since her BGs have been all over the place this week....Murphy's Law when it comes to having to keep a  log that other people will see!!

Ubergeek and I even got to enjoy a 'grown up' lunch  before getting Bug from the grandparents.  What a nice treat!!

I know it will feel much like last I've forgotten a part of my body because I won't have D stuff to take up to bed with me...but I know I'll be able to enjoy it a bit more this year because there's not the fear of the unknown.  We know she'll have a great time.  We know she's in great hands.  We know that she'll come back on Friday will great memories and stronger friendships and a bigger sense that she's not alone in this journey with D.

It's something that will always be a part of our summer plans because it is an amazing week of 'same' for her.
I totally recommend looking into a camp for your D kid if it's not already part of what you do. :)

rocking the pod on her arm...with stickers, of course!

bowing kisses goodbye...sitting with M, friend from far away AK

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brace Yourself For Advocacy

Bean went in earlier this week for a check up for her braces.

It's amazing how much movement has happened to the wonky front tooth in a few short weeks!!

Because she was getting a new wire, she also got to choose new color bands.  She talked about several colors and when I reminded her that she would have these bands for D-Camp as well as for the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference, we decided on a fabulous shade of....


Who says advocacy can't start with a smile!! ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bean's Idea

We went out to dinner this it when I don't have to figure out what's for dinner!!

Bean was preparing to test and dose and she gets all excited to show us this fabulous idea she's come up with....

She cocked her lancing device while it was still in it's little strap in her kit then put her finger tip on the end, pressing the button with her other hand.  


The lancing device didn't roll off the table, didn't have to be messed with to take out and put back. 

One less thing to deal with in the test and dose process is a wonderful thing.

LOVE that she thought of this...meanwhile I'm thinking DUH!!! why didn't I think of that?!?

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Last night I went into the girls' room to do a BG check before I settled into bed myself.

Nothing out of the ordinary.  It's something I do every night.

However, this was out of the ordinary....

After a day of yelling at each other; calling each other names like "stupid head"; and me having to remind them about a million times to speak nicely, I was NOT expecting to see them holding hands in their sleep.

Especially since when Bug asked Bean to hold her hand while she went to sleep, Bean (in her most put out eight year old voice) said something to the effect of 'there's no way I'm holding your hand!'
Bug's going through this 'scared of everything' phase and it's gotten to the point that she's even asking to have someone go to the bathroom with her because she doesn't want to go by herself.  Fun!

It was proof that no matter how mean they might be to each other on any given day, they are still sisters and they still love each other and would do anything for the other one if they needed it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Girl's Weekend

As I walked out the door Friday evening,  Bug looked into my eyes, very concerned, and asked "But who's going to take care of us?!"

I escaped with six friends to a wonderfully huge place two hours away this weekend.

We stayed up way too late.  Slept in.  Ate breakfast just before noon.  Sat around and talked.  Did our nails.  Watched a movie.  Tootled around town.  

We didn't change diapers.  Didn't cut up anyone's food.  Didn't hear complaints about what or when we were eating or doing something.  I didn't check BGs or count carbs.

It was a much needed get away for all of us.

Granted, as soon as we pulled into the driveway, I was attacked by a hungry Bean and screaming Bug...she had busted on the sidewalk as she was running to me. ;)

Today, things are back to normal.  Today, I'm listening to whining and tattling.  Today, I am longing for the next time I get to get away!!

view from the hot 12:30AM!!

this was on the back of the espresso machine in a little cafe'
just couldn't resist taking a picture!! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two Years Of Kickin' D-butt

Today marks two years since Bean was dx-d with Type 1 Diabetes.

Two years of finger pokes...conservative estimate of 8,030 times

Two years of shots and pod changes....shots, about 520; pod changes, about 260.

Two years of slurping juice boxes in 10 seconds for lows.

Two years of chugging water and giving corrections for highs.

Two years of middle of the night checks to make sure her BG is in a safe range for her to sleep peacefully through the night and wake ready for the next day.

Two years of carb counting, food weighing, saying things like "you HAVE TO finish your dessert, you were dosed for it!"

Two years of educating friends and family; trying to help them understand something any one who doesn't live it 24/7 can really understand and trying to be OK with that.

Two years of school interrupted for BG checks and insulin doses and pod alarms and general yucky feelings because of BGs.

Two years of getting phone calls about BGs or cupcakes or pod alarms or general yucky feelings.

Two years of not letting D be the most important thing in Bean's life or our family's lives.

Two years of taking things in stride (as best we can) and trying not to let D get the best of us.

Two years of doing our best to not let D get in the way of Bean doing anything...from playdates to birthday parties to horseback riding lessons to ice skating lessons to swimming lessons to just hanging out and watching movies on the couch.

Two years of Kickin' D-butt!!


Monday, June 4, 2012

"Don't EVER Do THAT Again!"

Words uttered by Bug after I tested her BG this evening after she had woken up/gotten out of the bed for a drink for what seemed like millionth time since she had be put to bed early because of her obnoxious behavior all day.

Yeah, I went there.

You, know, that place where the only thing that could possibly explain the hunger and thirst and behavior is a high BG.

97.  enter huge sigh of relief.

Bug is just an ornery, possibly growing, almost four year old who thinks the world should still revolve around her.

Normal BG; normal four year old...well, not normal, but whatever!  She's my Bug!

the most recent example of the stuff she gets into!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Days Like These

From time to time, when Ubergeek has to work on something on the weekend that will have him out and about most of the day, he takes Bean with him.

She enjoys her time with her daddy.  Enjoys the 'one on one' and not having to 'deal with' her sister. ;)

I enjoy not having to break up the little yelling matches the girls get into.  The arguments like: 'she's not on her side of the couch' or  the 'but I was playing with it first' or 'why does she get to have more of a snack and I don't?'

And, I have to admit, the lack of carb counting and blood testing and insulin dosing is quite welcome, too.

Does that mean D isn't on my mind?  Hell-to-the-NO!!

Every time Bug asks for something to eat, I'm aware I don't have to measure it to accurately count carbs to be entered into a PDM to dose the correct amount of insulin to cover said carbs and balance out a BG if it's out of range.

Every time Bug acts out of sorts, I'm aware it's not time to pull out the PDM to test a blood sugar to see if a low or a high is the culprit, it's probably because she's just tired or upset about something and it's nothing a hug or cuddle won't cure.

Every time Bug decides she's not eating all (or any!) of what she's asked to eat, I'm aware it's not a big deal because it's not like she has insulin on board that I have to compensate for....her pancreas can do that all by itself!

I still think about how Bean is doing and will usually call or text Ubergeek at least once to check in on how her numbers are.

I still wonder if she's paying attention to how she's feeling and is treating a 'kinda' low before it becomes a 'chug the juice as fast as you can' low.

I still go over in my mind what I made sure was in her kit before she left and if it will be adequate to hold her if whatever Ubergeek is working on takes longer than planned.

And today, my mind keeps flitting off to FFL since the emails about the up coming fun keep popping into my inbox.  I'm super excited about all the different bloggers that will be there.  Moms that I've connect with through my computer that I'll actually be able to sit and talk with.  PWDs that have lived this life for most of their lives and are an amazing source of information and hope for me for Bean's future.  I'm giddier than a kid on Christmas Eve and we don't even leave for a month!!