Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blood Anywhere But There

In the world we live, a world with a T1D kiddo, we deal with a significant amount of blood.

Since there are an average of 10 BG checks during a 24 hours period, we are used to seeing blood on finger tips, being wiped on things (usually a paper towel piece in her kit, but pant legs ~ hers and mine or Ubergeek's ~ and pillow cases and napkins and other places that are convenient at the time get their fair share of the blood wiping action), and on the underside of test strips when you get over zealous with the squeeze.

We've also had the odd 'gusher' when a pod or sensor is removed, but I could count those on one hand and have fingers left over.

And, there are the 'normal kid' blood issues when a knee is skinned or a tooth is lost or a sister's arm connects just right with your mouth.

All of those blood things I'm OK with.  They don't phase me.  They don't cause me any more than a fleeting thought.

This, however, is not a place you want to see blood... the cannula.  (The thing that delivers the insulin from the pod into Bean.)

AND, you totally and completely don't want to see it when it's a brand-spankin-new pod.

We're talking less than 30 minutes since it was put on Bean's arm!  

I noticed it when I was helping her get ready for bed and we both groaned.  I was hoping it might clear itself up...yeah, stupid, I know...but I was hoping, none-the-less.

But, no such luck!  As we were doing bedtime prayers, the pod alarmed and back downstairs we went to do another pod change.

And, being the awesome mom I am (no laughing, please) I even took the Pump Peelz off and put it on the new, new pod because she really wanted her pod on her arm with a Peelz so she could wear short sleeves and show it off.

Thankfully, the current pod seems to be behaving itself and Bean is fast asleep.

Now I get to try to figure out how much, if any, of the 'pod change bolus' we do with a new pod to help keep the 'pod change high' away with the alarmed pod she got, plus the 'pod change bolus' with the other new pod, balanced with the pizza she had for dinner and the temp basal to keep the pizza BG in check.  Yup, super fun impossible to know math going on!

And here I was thinking I could get to bed early tonight because I have a stupid-early staff meeting in the morning.

At least I have an awesome hubby who will bring me coffee when he drops of Bean for school!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

DSMA Live 'Rents with US!

Tomorrow, Monday, March 18th, Ubergeek and I will be the guests on DSMA Live 'Rents (short for parents, if you needed help figuring it out).

We are super excited to chat with Lorriane and Bennett about D stuff and what-not.

We have learned so much through the DOC and have really enjoyed furthering our connection with others living with T1D through DSMA, both the 'Rents (every other Monday) and Live (every Thursday) with Cherise (founder of DSMA), Scott, and George.  There is also a twitter chat on Wednesday, but I still haven't ventured into that whole thing and honestly, it kinda scares me! :)

check out the link

If you can't tune in, they also record the programs...super awesome because sometimes we can't make it 'live' to listen.

Would love to 'see' lots of you in the chat room (tho I'm not super good at talking and typing) and you can even call in to talk, like, for reals. :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Like Water For Insulin

It's been a crazy day around these parts.

Seeing as it's Spring Break, we haven't been doing much of anything this week and it's been nice.

Ubergeek did take the girls ice skating last night after Bean had been asking and asking and I had told her we might be able to go this week.  And that would account for the interesting BG night we had last night.  Nothing terrible, as far as lows go.  Just the need for her basal to be off and a sqeezey applesauce to boost her.

Today, you would have thought that she replaced her insulin with water!

After breakfast, Bean shot up into the 300s and never came down past about 240 all day.  Yeah, that made for a nice calm, 'getting along with you sister' kind of a day around here.

We tired extra corrections, cranked basals; all to no avail.

Until, that is, around 10:30pm when I considered going to bed.  I know, what was I thinking?!?

It's like sometimes her body holds on to the insulin and then decides to let it loose all at one time.  Yeah, totally not possible, but totally what it seems like happens.

87, her basal is off.

Thirty minutes later, 74 and she had an applesauce.

I'm trying to be patient; trying not to over treat and spike her back to where she spent most of the day.  But, she keeps dipping.

61 just now and she had an apple juice.

It's been less than an hour and she's down over 20 points and the G4 has her 'arrow straight across' but she's been dipping slowly and consistently.

I know her BG will come up.  It always, eventually comes up.  It's the waiting for that number to get bigger that is the difficult part.

107...booyah!  Love that Bean commented, "Will you just let me sleep already?!" as I'm poking her finger for the fourth time in an hour!  Poor thing.

Now I think we can all least until the alarm goes off to test her in a couple of hours!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When Diabetes Sucks

Today has been one of those days when I just shake my head because there's really nothing else I can do.

Yes, I know that Nutella toast isn't Bean's BFF, however, we can usually deal with it with a nicely timed pre-bolus and a cranked temp basal.

But not today.

Yes, I know that Subway isn't Bean's BFF, however, we can usually deal with it with a super-duper bolus.

But not today.

Here it is, dinner time, and Bean is at 323.  Not a number you want to add to with any kind of food.  Especially not the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal she asked to get today so she could try cereal because she really doesn't like cereal and maybe she'd like that kind (conversation in the cereal aisle today...and yes, I caved with her choice because at that point I just didn't care what she of the year is in the bag!).  So, cheese and water is what she is 'enjoying' for dinner so she can at least have something.

It frustrates me; days like this; because yesterday she had OJ and a cinnamon roll for breakfast, sandwich and applesauce for lunch, and a cupcake for snack and never went over 225 all day (according to the G4, which has been pretty dang spot on for several days).

And, now, the pod is I sit here typing, the pod beeeeeeeeeeeeped.

Well, maybe it's a good thing...we'll just wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Loving The G4...and Tallygear!

Bean's had a CGM since 13 months after dx.  

It was life changing to see the graph and to know which direction her BG was headed instead of just a number on the meter screen.

Then the G4 entered the picture three months ago and our lives were changed again!

Yeah, the color screen is pretty and it's easier to see.  

Yeah, Bean loves that it's pink.

BUT, the range, people.  The RANGE!!  The fact that Bean can be in her bedroom upstairs and I can have the G4 on the couch downstairs is awesome!  And to be able to have the receiver in our bedroom and 'see' where Bean's BG is in the middle of the night without having to get out of bed is super nice!

Yes, I still do a 'real' BG check with the poking of the finger and the blood and the strip and all.  But, to not have to get out of the bed when I randomly wake up and wonder how she's doing is wonderful.

Another improvement that we are loving is the accuracy.  Yes, there's still the occasional really off number, but most of the time the G4 is within 10 points, which is kinda the whole point of a have accurate readings!

Bean is also loving the case for the G4 by Tallygear.  We were lucky to get a prototype to try out and are super excited about the updated one, too.

The versatility of the case is great.  Our favorite option is the 'lanyard' that Bean wears across her body while wearing dresses or jumpers so she doesn't have to hike up her skirt to see the receiver...which is what she used to have to do when the only option was as a belt with the 7+ because she didn't like to wear it on top of her dress.

Yeah, life with D can suck...but the technology is improving and the cool stuff is, well, just COOL!