Monday, July 30, 2012

We've Got It...You Want It?

I was getting things ready for a garage sale at a friend's house and because there was 'new' stuff in the playroom, the girls also found the bag-o-goodies from the backpack Bean got from D-Camp right before we left for FFL.  We had hastily emptied it mere minutes before leaving for the airport to go to FFL so I could use the backpack as my carry on because I couldn't find the one that I usually use.  So, needless to say, it hasn't been paid much attention until there was other 'stuff' to peruse and the girls just can't seem to keep from snooping through bags! Plus there was some random pink thing that caught Bean's eye and she just couldn't stop there and just kept digging!! :)


There were several things in the goodies that we don't/won't use and I thought I'd pass them along.

Here's what We've Got...

Two Up&Up (Target Brand) glucose tabs; 50 count; raspberry.

One Walgreen's glucose tabs; 50 count; raspberry.

One Walgreen's gluco shot; lemon lime.

Two One Touch Delica lancing device; comes with 10 lancets.

One Lilly bag-o-D info (not sure what else to call it!) with the cute little froggy guy on it.
     items include Log Book, Carb Count Spinner, "What Kids Need To Know About Diabetes" book; "Raising a Child with Diabetes" book; and "Carbohydrate Counting for Children with Diabetes" book.
     ...these are mostly geared towards the newly diagnosed, but the little lunchbox sized bag is handy and if you are a log keeper, this one's pretty good.

So, I'm thinking if you want an item or few, leave a comment and let me know which one(s) you'd like.  

Easy as that.  


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Treating Lows Just Got Cuter

Bean noticed the other day that her tried, true, trusted low-bringer-upper has gotten a cutie pie make over.

Don't know if we're 'behind the times' with our juice boxes, but this is the first pack I've seen with the adorable apple-snail-dude.

Totally makes treating a low a bit cuter!  I think they should rename it "Cutie Juicy Juice."  :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"It's BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", yes, I did need to use all of the exclamation was quite the excitement-filled statement!

As you would expect with any conference about diabetes, FFL had an expo hall with vendor booths.  It was a great opportunity to see new technology, meet people who's job it is to support those living with or caring for someone with D, and get some cool free stuff....oh, you know that's what we all love most about vendor booths! ;)

One of our stops, was of course, the Omnipod booth.  We had a great time chatting with the staff and sharing our love for the pod and how it's made managing Bean's insulin needs easier.

During one of our visits to the booth (it was located in a spot we passed several times!) we heard "It's BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in a very excited, quite loud voice as one of the Insulet reps came sprinting walking quickly towards us with the biggest smile on his face.

As Matt reached us, he was beaming from ear to ear, saying, "You're Bean! You're Bean!" and took Bean by the hands and they started jumping up and down together.  It was, honestly, the most amazing thing to see someone so excited to meet her.

He went on introduce himself (he did kinda attack my child...'attack' being used in the best possible connotation of the word! ;)) and explain that he uses Bean's 'You Can Do This' video (see left side of blog for her video) in his training sessions and quoted his (and my) favorite line that Bean says..."There's nothing you can't do, except produce insulin and that is NOT a big deal!"

It was amazing to stand there watching this grown man get tears in his eyes talking about how much Bean and her video has helped him help his staff understand why they do what they do at Insulet.

He asked if he could take a picture with Bean (of course!!) and was super excited to be able to email it to his coworkers to brag that he had gotten to meet Bean!  It was like watching a kid at Christmas.

I can't remember how it came about, but Bean ended up signing one of the fold up frisbees they were giving away at the booth for him and he promptly put it in his pocket for safe keeping.
It was amazing hearing how something we had done to help those living with D was also helping those whose  job it is to make products for those living with D.  To know that Bean's words had made such an impact was such a proud and humbling moment for me.  Yeah, I know people read my blog and people watch the YCDT video, but I had no idea how much of an impact those words have had.

As we were walking out of the hall, Bean said "That was so cool!  And you know what?  I don't think that will be the last frisbee I'll sign in my life!"

Yeah, I think this kid is going places...and she'll be taking D along with her for the ride!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New Look

Yeah, you're in the right place. :)

Thought I'd switch things up around the ole blog-a-roony.


I'd love to get your feedback...and no, I'm not just fishing for compliments!!
(although I'll gladly take them as I need to practice receiving compliments without discounting them because of my own insecurities)

Just felt like it was time for a change...

Oh, the caricature of Bean (complete with her Omnipod on her arm!) was done at the expo at FFL.  It was part of the Novo Nordisk booth.  It was a very popular much so that I actually left the closing keynote a bit early to get in line and had Ubergeek and my mother snag the girls a bit early, too!

"I TOLD You It Was A Pod Change Day!"

Sometimes, especially when the schedule changes, we lose track of when Bean's pod will expire.  Honestly, that's a good thing because it means everything is running just fine; no alarms, no occlusions. 

One night during FFL (yeah, still talking about it!) we went out to dinner with our new friends.

Since Ella and Bean both use the Omnipod, there were familiar 'beeps' coming from both of them as they tested and dosed for dinner.  Ella happened to be on the tail end of her three days with her pod, so when she tested, the PDM gave it's little 'beeping' reminder that she needed to change her pod soon.  Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to even think twice about.

The girls were noisily happily entertaining themselves when a 'beep beep, beep beep' rang through the air.

Bean comes stomping over to me and announces "I TOLD you it was a pod change day!" to which I reply, "No, it's not." to which she replies, "YES, it IS!"  See, we had had this conversation more than once during our time at FFL because we were all having so much fun that none of us could remember which day it was!

So, being the adult in the situation, I must prove to my lovely child that I am right  ;) so I have her bring me her PDM.  We turn it on and I nicely show her that, in deed, her pod does not expire until the next day.  She is bewildered because she swears that her pod is beeping at her.

It takes us all a minute to realize that it is, in fact, Ella's pod that is doing the beeping!

When you aren't used to being around other CWDs, especially ones with the same hardware, you automatically assume that the random beeps are coming from you!!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bug's Birthday!

Today is Bug's 4th Birthday!

It's hard to believe it's been four years since I made the nurse with the syringe full of whatever-it-was that was supposed to stop my contractions leave the room with that syringe still full....I mean, come on, I was 38 weeks! It was time!!

She's is certainly her own person and has her own way of doing things.  Traits that drive me nuts and make me proud at the same time.  She is constantly cracking us up and is the sweetest, most cuddly thing when she wants to be.

Today, she is dealing with hives and swelling.  We think it's an allergic reaction to shrimp...not that she had any shrimp at a party we were at yesterday, but she had corn that was boiled with the shrimp...and that's the only 'not normal' thing she had...and I used to have an allergy to them, too.  What a present, huh?!
She's been a trooper, complaining very little, and has still enjoyed opening presents and eating cupcakes!  Hoping the combination of Claritin and Benadryl the doctor 'prescribed' will clear it up fast!! requested, cupcakes AND cake

a little face swelling can't keep her from ripping 
wrapping paper like a pro!

pretty, pretty princess

tuckered out on the couch 'watching' a movie

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A New Friend for Life...A New Blogging D-Mama

We were sitting in the back of the room at the First Timer's Reception at FFL because we had been requested to split ourselves up according to where in the country we reside and the 'west coast' got the back of the room..and, well, Alaska is about as far west as you can get!

Sitting there, discussing the strangest place we have found a test strip (BTW, the west coast won with Wendy's dog poop find) I noticed another cutie pie testing her BG with a pink-skinned PDM.  I, of course, drew Bean's attention to it and encouraged her to go introduce herself.  With a bit of prompting, she did.
Thus began our friendship with this amazing family...

The girls bonded instantly because, well, they are silly girls!  It was just a bonus that Ella also uses the Omnipod, so the girls were able to 'compare notes' on how they do all their T1D stuff.

Krissy, Clay, Ubergeek, and I bonded instantly because, well, we are parents of girls with T1D!  It was a bonus that they are super awesome and hilarious and we just clicked in a way that makes you life long friends within a matter of days.  It made FFL even more amazing to come out of it with actual friends for life, not just information from the sessions and memories of the fun stuff we did.

What's funny is that Ubergeek kept giving Krissy a hard time about blogging.  See, she was a reader, not a writer and every time we had a conversation, Ubergeek would say something like "You just need to blog it out" or "So, what's the name of your blog going to be" or "That would make a great blog post."
By the end of FFL, Ubergeek has set up a blog for Krissy and she was getting excited about being more than just a stalker in the know we all start that way, reading/stalking, until we get the nerve to dive in full force! :)

So, I'm pleased to introduce to you Diabetes on the Side!   Go on over and say hi!  She's already posted a few times and I know you'll enjoy reading all about their experiences so far with D...they are just about 6 months into this crazy life.

It's always bittersweet to have another family join the D-club.  It's great to have them, but at the same time we all wish none of us were a part of this club.  But, that's just one of the bonuses of comes with a smathering of amazing folks that just plain get it and that's an amazing thing when you feel like you're so not getting it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The aspect of the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference that excited me the most was the opportunity to meet people who 'live' in my computer.

The people whose lives I get to be a part of because they share it on blogs in the Diabetes Online Community.  The adults who have been living with T1D for years and can offer insights from their lives that give me a glimpse into and a hope for Bean's future.  The moms and dads who care for their child(ren) with T1D and understand the ups and downs that come with having a child with D.

From random run ins in the lobby and by the elevator to 'semi-stalking' in the sports bar, getting to hang out with PWDs, D-Moms and D-Dads created some of the most cherished memories I will carry with me forever.

with the fabulishous Kelly

one of the most famous 'ze bloggers' Kerri!

the totally cool Scott K. Johnson

YCDT super star Kim and (new to me) Jess

more 'new to me' PWDs, Brian and Courtney (hay-ee)

another amazing PWD, Sara

the "I'm running out of StarBurst because I'm
running low" Karen


my effing fav PWD from Canadia, Scully!
and, yes, it is Canadia, not Canada!! ;)

super awesome D mom, Wendy

another fab D-Mom, Misty

the 'I didn't have time to put on my stripper shoes'
wonderful D-Mom, Lora

awesome D-Dad, Tim
his super cool wife, Heather, was there, too, but I missed
getting a pic with her somehow!

There were a couple of other D-Moms that I didn't get a picture with...Leighann and Meri.

Like I said, it was AMAZING to meet all of these awesome people in real life.  To hug them, share stories, laugh, drink, and just BE with them made FFL 2012 something I will always treasure.

...still to come about FFL, Bean's biggest fan and an introduction to a new friend and blogging D-Mom!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where Do I Begin?

My head is still swimming with all of the Children with Diabetes ~ Friends for Life amazingness!

It's hard to even know where to begin when there are so many things to share.

At the moment, we are in Atlanta at my mother's, visiting with her, my sister, and her family.  Oh, my mother fessed up and told me she already has a flat screen TV, so we're trying to figure out what to do with the one we won. ;) We have been telling stories around the dinner table and reliving some of the highlights of FFL with them.  It's been wonderful thinking about all the amazing people we met and all of the amazing conversations we had.

I'm planning to put together another 'picture post' of all of the fabulous DOC-ers we soon as I can get the pictures from my mother's camera transferred to the computer (although I'm sure Ubergeek has already done this and I'm just using the wrong computer at the moment!)

I also can't wait to tell you about the amazing experience Bean had at the Omnipod booth with her biggest fan.

Until then, I think Meri summed it up very well...."It was more of a family reunion with people who don't know what it means to be artificial."

So true.  Being surrounded by all those green (for those with T1) and orange (for family of those with T1) bracelets.  Knowing you were surrounded by others who understood the life you are living.  Having an instant bond with complete strangers.  Giving hugs to friends you have never met IRL, but read them and thus feel like you know them already.  Truly becoming not just friends, but family, for life in just a few short days.

It makes me smile just sitting and thinking about it.  A smile that can warm you to the core and sustain you through the tough times.  A smile that you know 3000 others can smile, too, and that is just the most amazing feeling in the world.

Friday, July 6, 2012

FFL in Pictures

 It's been a busy couple of days!!
We've done lots of stuff and it would take forever for me to try to tell you about all of it.
So, for now, I'm going to share some pictures of random things that have been going on.
Some of them are crappy, as far as photos go, but you'll get the gist of it.

the girls found their picture on the collage boards
it's next to Bean's elbow

we had a great time creating D art with Lee Ann Thill

Crystal Bowersox performed at the Banquet.
She is amazing and so welcoming to the kids.
Bean had a front row spot!

Crystal signed autographs after her concert and Q&A with the kids.
Most kids opted for a beach ball from the party.
Bean had her sign her Sugar Bag!

Crystal was also at the One Touch booth at the expo and
posed for pictures.
Of course my girls chose the princess theme!!

Bean found her quilt in the Quilt for Life display.
There are over 700 quilts on display, 
each for someone with Diabetes.
She's holding her Lenny the Lion that
 she got to make 'Build-a-Bear' style.
She insisted on putting a pod on him as soon as we had the chance!

Bean and Bug posing with Coco the Monkey,
 Disney's character with T1D.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

Today has been a fabulous day at FFL.

We registered, got our awesome colored bracelets and name badges, and hung out with several awesome DOCers and others living with D 24/7/365.

The highlight was the First Timers Reception.  Sure, it had the 'this is this person and that is that person' normal stuff and the ice breakers that we all secretly loathe but play along because, really, what choice do you have?

During the last bit, I had kinda tuned out the hilarious guy doing the ice breakers because I had spied a pink cased PDM so I was helping Bean make a new friend while I was chatting with the mom.

Well, the hands pounding on the tables clued me in to the fact that they were about to do the drawing for the prize, but I still didn't pay much attention because I generally don't win things like that.

Next thing I know I hear our last name being, what the what?!?!

Yep, we won the drawing....a flat screen TV!  Nice, huh?  Super excited to be able to give it to my mother who is joining us since she is in need of a TV upgrade, big time!

Tomorrow is super packed and I can't wait!  So many opportunities to connect and make friends for life!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Freakin' WAY!!!

So we are currently in SLC waiting to board our flight to finish our trek across the continent to get to FFL.

We were in search of breakfast and I just happen to glance over and see someone that looks familiar.

I get Ubergeek's attention and mention that I think that boy is a certain boy that is from a certain blog.  Since the parental unit that is most prominent on the blog isn't currently in the area, I second guess myself.  Ubergeek does a little recon and scans the area as I stand and look, too.

Then, I see HER.  Yep, the mascara laden, eye rolling to see her grey matter, FFS Reyna from Beta Buddies!!

Yes, there was screaming.  Yes, there were hugs.

It was a very brief meeting as their plane was in the final stages of boarding and the girls were about to die from starvation ;)
We hugged again and went on our merry way...smiling through the lack of sleep, knowing what an outrageous chance meeting it was and being thankful that we just happened to walk down that particular area of the airport looking for breakfast!