Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!!

We have been enjoying the lazy days of summer around here.

Granted, I've been sick for the past three weeks and Ubergeek hasn't been feeling the best either, so we're more than happy to laze the days away doing nothing.

Bean and Bug have been enjoying the freedom of going to be whenever....when the sun doesn't set until well after midnight, it's hard to convince them that it's time for bed!  We've been trying to make it a reasonable bedtime of around 9, but that doesn't always work.
They have also been enjoying sleeping until this morning Bean rolled out of bed around 10:30 and Bug had to be convinced to get out of the bed at 11:30.  (She had been awake, just not interested in getting up yet.)

With the lazy days comes some D related laziness, too, unfortunately.

Bean has been getting her own breakfast, some days, when she remembers that she should probably eat.  There's no issue with a 9 year old getting her own breakfast.  In fact, I'm all for it!  However, she doesn't do the significant pre-bolus that I would do on school days.  Nor does she always remember to crank her basal to offset the massive spike that always comes with breakfast.

So, there are mornings that she'll test, dose, and eat, but an hour later she's sky high, pushing 300 and can't understand why she's in such a fowl mood.  (Uh, duh!)

And there are today....that she'll 'forget' to eat something because she gets involved with some project and then I'll check with her and she's "SUPER hungry" and "feels REALLY low" and then she'll test at 57!  Um, DUH!  You should maybe eat something BEFORE you start feeling this low!

So, it brings me to this.....We NEED a Schedule!!!

As much as I would LOVE to laze away the days, it just can't happen.  There needs to be a set-ish bedtime with a set-ush time to get up.  I'm not talking craziness here....just something a bit more structured than 'whenever the heck you feel like rolling out of bed.'  And, I know it will do me good, too.

Plus, there's learning to be done!  Bug needs to be challenged and do some Kindergarten prep.  And Bean desperately needs to fill in all the holes that have been slowly growing over the past two years.  She's doing OK, but it's a very easy slip from OK to way behind and I just won't let that happen because she's way smarter than she's shown at school for one reason or another.
I'm not totally blaming that on D, but it has a LOT to do with it.  If her BG is low, she can't learn well.  If her BG is high, she can't learn well.   That creates lots of holes in the learning process.

So, starting tomorrow....or maybe the next day so there's not too much pressure on us because it is summer after all!!!....we will begin our more scheduled, structured days.

Wish me luck!!


  1. They've found that people who work the night shift have more trouble managing their diabetes because it messes with their body's rhythm. I wonder if your weird (well, weird to me because I've never been there) sun schedule changes D management in your neck of the woods.

  2. I really absolutely hate that diabetes works best on routine. HATE IT! It just ruins my days off and turns them into D-work days.

    Oh and the daylight after midnight? YES PLEASE!

  3. I've wondered about what Sara said, too. Our son's insulin needs drop pretty dramatically in summer - seems more linked to the longer days than warmer temperatures (which we rarely see!).
    And - I can only imagine how hard it is to keep regular bedtimes in Alaska in the summer! Light here just till 9 or 10pm, and it messes with everyone. Good luck to Bean and Bug!


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