Monday, January 30, 2012

Sick Day

Saturday evening, Bean and I headed to the Alaska Museum of Natural History for a Girl Scout sleep over.

Yeah, 19 crazy 7-8-9 year olds sleeping alongside dinosaur bones, stuffed 'real' lions, and fossils sounds about as much fun as it was!

They did some fun science experiments:

baking soda and vinegar to blow up a balloon

glacier goo with glue, borax, and water

And then they settled in to watch a movie...honestly not sure what it was because I was helping blow up air mattresses!

About half way through the movie, Bean comes to me and tells me she doesn't feel good and wants to go to bed.  Fine by me, so I get her settled and get me settled shortly there after for what I was hoping would be a somewhat sleep filled night.

Not so much.

Bean wakes up coughing and coughing and then leans over the mattress and spits up/throws up a nice little pile of mucus and spit.  (sorry, if that's TMI!)  I get her and the floor cleaned up and settled back to sleep.

Repeat that scene three more times, adding a bit more of the baby carrots she had for a snack during the movie each time.  After the second time, I snatched one of the empty containers they used for the goo to sit by the bed.  Wasn't taking any chances that the next offering would be as small as the one before it!!

She was a trooper, especially since she hasn't ever been 'throw up' sick.  Sure, she's vomited...when she's gotten herself so worked up about something and when she's come out of anesthesia. But she's never had a stomach bug that has made her sick like this. 

We got everyone packed up and picked up and headed home Sunday morning.  (I would have considered leaving in the middle of the night, but I was one of only two chaperons for the six girls from Bean's troop because one had a sick kid and didn't come and the other had a babysitter cancel and had to go home.  Ah, the joys of being responsible!)  Bean tried to eat breakfast, only to loose it about a half an hour later.

She tried to eat a few times, to no avail; each time tossing those cookies more intensely, poor thing!  Thankfully she was able to sleep through the night without any incident....after the right before bed puke fest that started before I could set up the trash can by her bed!

This morning I had to go to school for a 'transition meeting' with my classes as the full time teacher started today.  (That's a whole other post that may or may not be coming...haven't decided yet.)   And since it hadn't been 24 hours since the last puke, Bean couldn't go to school.

She spent the morning with Grandpa (the saint that he is!) and didn't eat a thing.  She woke up at 212, a nice enough number since she had been pretty low all the puke-filled day before.  I corrected her; just felt like it needed to be done.  But, since she didn't want to eat breakfast, and who could blame her, it was just a correction.

I picked her up shortly before noon...yes, I had called mid morning and she was doing just fine...and she hadn't eaten all morning.  Impromptu basal test!!!  She cruised along, steady eddy, in the low/mid 100s all morning. (Wilma said 144, but PDM said 108 when she tested, just FYI)  Score one for the D-mom!!

please only pay attention to the nice steady line there in the middle
pay NO attention to the god awful "I'm eating food for the first time
in almost a day" spike that just wouldn't stop!!
oh, and never-you-mind the post pasta dinner 362
man, I should have cropped the crap out of this photo!!

She wanted lunch, so she ate and has thankfully kept that AND dinner down.  Hurray!!  
Her BG hasn't been so steady eddy for the rest of the day, but whatever.  At least she's not throwing up!!

So, we survived our first tummy bug relatively unscathed.  And it gave me some good data about her morning basal to boot. :)


  1. WOOHOO for the impromptu basal testing! and UGH for the sickness...poor girly! Glad to hear that she is feeling better and high fives to you for making it through the first tummy bug smoothly!....and I love that you didn't crop that wilma photo, one of the many reasons why i love kept it real and honest and i think that is awesome! Hope you girls have a great week!

  2. Stomach bugs are horrible! Just keep in mind you may have weird numbers for a week or so because of food absorption changes as the body heals.

  3. Oh poor's been a rough week at your house. Glad you made it through, let the recovery begin. :)

  4. Poor thing, sicky sick is the most worrying type, glad she is feeling better


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