Monday, December 10, 2012

Bracelet Variety Is The Spice Of D-Life

Like most girls, Bean is fond of changing her outfit a bazillion times a day.

Thankfully, this usually only happens on the weekends, so it's tolerable!

She also likes to change up things in the medical ID bracelet wardrobe area, too.

She has several options from Lauren's Hope, including one she's had since very shortly after dx that has stood the test of time.

Recently, our beloved TallyGear (who makes amazing things for carrying pumps and CGM receivers, etc) ventured into the ID bracelet world and I was super excited to check them out.

Before I even had a chance to peruse the options on the website, I got a message to see if I thought the girls would like to have one.  

Um, duh, yes, of course!!

Very soon after, Bean was dancing around the house, kissing her new bracelet, proclaiming how much she loved it!!

It's great for those everyday, casual, but still super stylish and girly, needs.  I love that it's totally adjustable...which is important for Bean's teeny tiny wrist...and that the medical information is easy to get to.

For all the specs, check out this part of the TallyGear website.

What's totally cool, is that you can get just an ID bracelet for kids without any medical alert needs.  This was a BIG hit for Bug, since she's usually left out of the 'cool products' area because there just isn't a need.
It has the same pull out info tag, but the part you can see on the bracelet doesn't have "Medical" on it, nor the caduceus. 
Bug LOVED being able to show off her new bracelet along with Bean when we headed out to dinner with the grandparents this weekend.

Yes, the bracelets were given to the girls free of charge.

But, more importantly (I think, anyway), I will TOTALLY be buying other styles because they are cute and very reasonably priced!

Besides, Bean has to wear a medical ID everyday to make sure she's always safe, so why not give her as many options as possible.

A girl has to have her options!!



  1. She's going to be such a little diva!

    I've been tempted myself knowing it's not even my thing. They're just so CUTE!


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