Friday, March 14, 2014

I NEED The Arrows!!

So, Wilma (Bean's dexcom G4 CGM) has been out of use for almost 6 weeks.

We started noticing lots of ???s and then lots of 'out of range' times and then had to call and reset the receiver.  During that phone call, I was told that we would need to replace the transmitter very soon because it was well over its 6 month life it was pushing a year of transmitting!  Okie Dokie.

I called our third party medical supplier, who shall remain nameless at this time because I'm nice like that, and started the process of getting a new transmitter. (I will mention that I HATE having to deal with them because we used to be able to deal with dexcom directly and they are AWESOME!)  The dude suggested that we go ahead and get a new receiver, too, because it would most likely need to be replaced soon because of the whole 'it's been over a year and they aren't supposed to last that long' thing.  Great.  Get the paperwork ball rolling.

We wait, and we wait.  Meanwhile, we try to keep Wilma limping along until it just wasn't worth having more blank spaces than anything.  Bean was kinda OK with being without a sensor and receiver on her, so we dealt with it.

We wait, and we wait.  I made a call to our contact at the third party company and she tells me that my insurance (secondary, and one that we didn't have when Bean initially got the G4) needed BG logs.  So, we provide those and wait some more.

While we wait, Bean has lots and lots of lows and highs that I KNOW could have been prevented by Wilma.

I call, again, and our contact gets an earful and she suggests I call my insurance.  That lady gets an earful, too, and things get approved the next day.

Well, guess what we get in the mail....the RECEIVER....not the TRANSMITTER!!!!  Nice, huh?  Can't sync our old transmitter because it's totally bitten the dust by now.  Another phone call, another even more intense earful and I'm promised that it shouldn't take long at all because the insurance just approved the receiver.  Yes, I totally mentioned about a million times that it's a SYSTEM and having only one part doesn't make any sense AND that our initial order was for the transmitter not the receiver.  And I spit out words like nocturnal hypoglycemic episodes that are potentially fatal.  Yep, pulled the 'she could die' card.  Don't judge!

So, when the door was knocked on yesterday and the transmitter arrived, we all did a happy dance!! Bean was excited to have Wilma back and didn't even protest when we inserted the sensor.
I have never, ever been so happy to see numbers and arrows in my life!!!!

And, after a night of BG hell on Wednesday, I was beyond happy to have numbers a arrows last night to help with boosting and dosing and whatnot!!

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  1. I feel ya sister!!

    My transmitter is on month 10. I feel like I am on borrowed time. I also have new insurance since I originally ordered it. So, instead of getting replacement pieces, I just ordered a new one. I got the tracking information that shows it made it from Dexcom to the local medical supplier. I called them to pay so *I* can get it. They told me no, it has to be serialized first. I wish I knew what that meant. It must take a long time because they had half the day to do it, and haven't called me back yet.


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