Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Who knew how much we needed the "Arrows"

An update from Ubergeek:

Finally an UPDATE!!!! What's three years in between blogs among friends.  So I am sure many of you thought that we fell off the face of the earth or worse but nope everyone is doing great and we have just been living life.

First I want to talk about SweetBean's Non-Type 1 little sister who likes the nickname little "g".  She is an amazing 8 year old kid now.  To have a conversation with her blows your mind because it is almost impossible to believe she is 8.  I really have no concerns about her because at this rate she will probably be one heck of a lawyer or a CEO of some big corporation.  She is also probably SweetBean's biggest advocate and supporter.  We of course as Sweetbean's parents think we are but on many days little "g" is in on the action way before we are and even sometimes before SweetBean is.  Like I said amazing kid!

So I looked back at the last blog post and I never knew at the time it was written that it would tell the future.  "I NEED The Arrows!!" Well let me first apologize as many bloggers know life just happens and blogs are put away for a while like an old shoe box full of old pictures and letters in a closet.  That is exactly what has happened here, literally it has been 3 years since our last blog and might be another 3 before post again.  We got busy, very busy as if the Type 1 life isn't busy enough it seems like we got even busier.  SweetBean is now SweetArcher, 13 years old and is now well into her 6th year with Type 1 Diabetes.  Yes I said 13 years old....INSANE.  

  SweetArcher (Kearstyn) is a thriving young lady who happens to also have Type 1 and she does a really good job of pretty much never letting T1D slow her down.  So back to the post "I NEED The Arrows!!" this title could have never been more true for her.  Many of us know the importance of having the arrows on our children's CGMs so we "need" the arrows and there comes a time when they "need" those arrows.  However, for SweetArcher she also found about two months after this last post 3 years ago that she needs the "Arrows," the kind you shoot from a bow.  We went to an Archery experience event in May of 2014 and it changed the course of her life.  The following day she asked if she could start shooting Competition Archery.  Well it has been an amazing ride since then.

One of the amazing things she has done with Archery is tie Archery and Type 1 Diabetes together.  She did this by starting her very own Diabetes Fund Raising Archery Shoot 2 years ago and this last November she went statewide with it.  She designed the targets, scorecards and everything.  We have also had the opportunity go to the world's largest indoor Archery competition for the last two years in Las Vegas where she had the chance to compete on an international level, shooting with kids from literally all over the world. She also has taken State Champion in many tournaments here in Alaska and is working her way up through the international ranks.  So, as for us, we are doing great and little "g" and SweetArcher are thriving.  It maybe another 3 or more years before another update from us but know we are just living life.  If you would like to keep up with SweetArcher you can follow her on her Instagram account at she updates that often.

As SweetArcher says "There really isn't anything she can't do except produce insulin and that really isn't that big of a deal." until next time "Try to stay on target"

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