Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kicking Off the Holidays, Family Link Style

On Saturday, Ubergeek and I helped our local ADA host a Family Link holiday event.

We provided lunch, bowling, ice skating, and painting a cookie plate at a pottery place at a local mall.

There were about 85 people who attended; all of which either had or were part of the family of a kid with Diabetes.

It was a BLAST!  Having all those people together, seeing all the kids pause to test, and getting to chat with those who have been doing this for year or for just a few short weeks was great.  Four hours of 'same' to kick off the holiday season...just amazing!!

At one point, Bean felt low and went to test.  I guess another boy (the one who had just been diagnosed five weeks ago) decided to test at the same time.  They were both at 72!  A juice box later for each of them and they headed back to the fun.

I was the one manning the 'party room' at the pottery place.  It was slow at first... manageable with just a handful of painters.  Then all of a sudden both tables filled up within five minutes and I had 20 painters to juggle.  Crazy!!  Especially since the paints are numbered, so they were all asking for this number and that number....and for a T1D-mom, having numbers bombard you nonstop got to be a bit much after a while!  But they all had a blast and the plates all turned out great.

Our local ADA office is amazing, I must say.  They made sure everyone had what they needed and supported us through the entire process from planning to clean up.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing group of people who are committed to supporting families living with Diabetes here in Alaska as well as supporting research for a cure.

To wrap the day up at the mall, we took the girls to visit Santa.  Last year, we waited until we were in Georgia with family to go, putting Santa in a bit of a crunch to make sure the requested items were ready in three days.  (Stupid, stupid, stupid idea!!)  I wasn't going to make that mistake again this year!!!  Plus, this way, the girls are 'locked in' to their choice and can't change their mind at the last minute...which also happened last year.  Santa was NOT a happy camper to say the least!!
They both did great.  Bug wasn't thrilled last year, but this year she walked right up to Santa and even gave him a hug!  Bean, of course, is a pro at the whole Santa thing by now.

Now I just need to get to the Christmas shopping.  UGH!  Running short on time to get things shipped to family in the lower 48, so I best find time this week to get everything for them.  I can do some 'last minute' shopping once my mother will be a great excuse for us to leave Ubergeek with the girls!!


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!

    I had a T1 sleepover and both girls woke up at 100. It was an amazing moment ;)

    Great job volunteering and ENJOY your mama!

  2. Sounds like a great afternoon!

    My kids totally asked Santa for things that were not easily obtained. Gah!

  3. wow sounds like fun!

    Good luck on the shopping :)

  4. sounds like you all had a really fun day! :o) Hope you have a nice visit with your Mom too!

  5. Awesome that there's such a large, supportive community!


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