Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday...this one I'll take!

Just as I had dosed Bean for her breakfast I hear Ubergeek talking on the phone in our bedroom.  This is not a completely uncommon occurrence for him at 6:30 in the morning, but he sounded a bit too happy about this particular conversation and that usually isn't the case.

I headed back into our room to see what was going on and he happily announces that schools are closed.  SNOW DAY!!!  I have to tell you that this is an extremely rare thing here in Alaska.  But, when you've gotten close to 18 inches of heavy, wet snow overnight it's a bit less rare.

Now, I would have been way happier to have gotten that phone call an hour earlier, BEFORE I was completely ready for the day, but whatever.  A day off is a day off!
Since Bean had been dosed, she downed a glass of milk and then settled back in bed for a bit more sleep.
Bug wasn't thrilled about having to stay in bed, but I convinced her that she had to and back to bed I went, too.
Unfortunately I was only there for about 45 minutes until the girls could no longer handle being in bed, but being able to hang out on the couch in sweats was a tolerable option. :)

During the day, I was able to get some stuff done in between playing referee with the girls.  They are so not used to being together all day like this!  I 'stored' some grown out of clothes in our nonworking shower.  I moved a ton of books from the room where my mother will be sleeping in 5 days so the futon will actually open into a bed.  (Hee Hee! SO excited she's coming!)  I put four loads of the girls' laundry away that had been folded and patiently waiting for about four days.  And I did a few other loads of laundry. I also sat my butt on the couch during Bug's nap and watch some 'me' shows...a treat anytime, but even more so in the middle of a MONDAY!

Then, I escaped for a few minutes to go pick up dinner.  Ubergeek has a meeting tonight and he came home for a bit in between work and the meeting and wanted to hang out with the girls, so I jumped at the chance to leave the house.

I hadn't checked the mail in a few days...just something that doesn't get done often for whatever I checked in on the way down the street.

SOOOO glad I did!!!  There were three wonderful things waiting for us there.

First ~ A petit paquet from Scully of Canadian D-gal.
  She had posted a while back about some 'wrong' strips she had gotten and was looking for a good home to send them to.  They are the ones we use, so I jumped at the chance to get them.  They arrived at the perfect time since we've been going through way more test strips lately because of some wonky numbers.  It's awesome to have 100 of those precious little butterflies on the shelf!  Thanks, Scully!!!
Oh, and she included the sweetest note for Bean which made Bean smile from ear to ear.

love the drawing of a bean at the top!

Second ~ Holly from Three Sweet Kids and a Seven-Year-Old Named Diabetes had this super give away of stinkin cute holiday towels that I won!  And they are just as stinkin cute as they looked in the picture!  I am always amazed at the stinkin cute stuff Holly comes up with and am in awe that she has the time to DO it!  Thanks, again, Holly!

embarrassed to say these are the only Christmas decorations up so far
hey, I still have time!!! 

Third ~  I was drooling over the awareness pendants that Lorriane over at This is Caleb had for WDD.  Again, even more beautiful than the pictures of them.  And, while I was checking the pendant out at Cari's etsy
shop, I found a beautiful awareness bracelet, too.  Love the smoky gray beads and 'hope' ribbon.

hoping there is school tomorrow so I can wear them!!

So, all in all, this Monday was pretty dang good.  And to top it all off, the girls will be going to bed early because I'm so done with their bickering, so I'll have a nice, quiet house very soon!

Oh, in case you are wondering, that rage double bolus did the trick...and then some.  That night brought three we caught at 73, the others were at 55 and 58.  But, the super stubborn highs went away and Bean is pretty dang good at drinking and eating while asleep, so whatever!


  1. WOOT for happy Mondays!! I am so happy that you got to enjoy some ME time and watch something on TV other than actually had a dream about Wizards of Waverly Place the the other night...ugh. Beautiful gifts in the mail and high fives on the rage double bolus! I am laughing cause I did the same thing today...enough is enough with the highs and i came at that pump with guns blazing! Hope you have just as good a Tuesday my friend!!

  2. You need to post pictures of your "snow day". I want to see what 18 inches of snow looks like!

  3. A snow day can sometimes be a gift in itself. So glad you had a good day off. But 18 more inches of snow :-) The temp will be 63 when I leave GA...32 when I arrive in AK. Gotta love it! See you soon!!!

  4. WAHOO FOR SNOW DAYS! Something we really never get down here in AZ :)

    Gotta love productivity. And I totally get the "referring".

    And HOORAY for fun mail!

  5. I have been backed up with blog reading! (I love it) totally didn't see this.
    horray for strips!


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