Monday, December 19, 2011

Rockin' the SWAG...and snow pics ;)

As is tradition in every school I've ever known, the last day before Winter Break brings the well anticipated holiday party.

Generally a fun, treat-filled hour of overly stimulated children who can't wait to start their two week vacation.

This past Thursday was no exception to that rule.

As I was trying to man the chaos in my room, I was mindful that Bean would be experiencing some similar chaos in her room and was waiting for the "need a carb count" call over the radio.

It didn't dawn on me that that call never came until I was retrieving Bean from her class's line after I helped with afternoon pick up.

As we made the trek up to my portable, I said something to the effect of 'Oh, I guess your class didn't have a party this afternoon, huh?'  To which she replied, 'yes, we did.'

Enter conversation about not getting a radio call for carb counts and her telling me that she did it herself.

Sound familiar to anyone?  She did this a few weeks ago with her Girl Scout party and way overshot the dose and was only 'saved' by the IOB feature that kept her from getting the full bolus.

Thankfully, 100 carbs isn't a terrible SWAG for two sugar cookies with lots of sprinkles and two brownies.  Granted, I have no idea how big these treats were, but a good guess none-the-less.

We had the obligatory "if you ever do that again you will not be allowed to have any, any, birthday or party treats for the rest of the school year" conversation in a relatively stern voice.  She got the picture, judging by the repentant look on her face and the tone of her 'I'm so, so sorry, Mommy.'

I kept an eye on Wilma (her dexcom) for the next hour or so and she held pretty steady, so all in all, it turned out OK.

Fast forward to that night, after the 'before I went to bed' check.

I was going over her numbers for the day and here is what I see:
I'd say she nailed it!  And yes, I did give her 'props' for the good job, with a reminder that she needs to double check with me before bolusing next time!!

Oh, and some overdue pictures of the snow...which, by the way, is melting and icing over due to our little pre-Christmas warm up over the weekend.  Don't mind mid 30s, but detest the icy mess they leave behind!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope it snows here for Christmas! Hope you are having a great Christmas season! :D

  2. Wow, I don't think we've ever done a 3-figure carb count. A little scary when they're trying to bolus on their own. At least you found out about it, and it didn't turn into a problem. They want to do it on their own -- not surprising...

  3. Amazing Bean, and amazingly beautiful snow! Could you send a little of that down south to WA? Merry Christmas (almost)!

  4. way to rock the SWAG Bean! and absolutely beautiful pics...we had snow yesterday...and it all melted away today....hmph...was hoping for a white Christmas!

  5. Bean did it! The pics are beautiful! It is raining and cold on this end of the globe. :(

  6. Wow, carb counting herself is pretty amazing and getting it so spot on too! Loved the snowy pictures. Sometimes I long for snow like that but know that it would cause chaos here as we are so unused to it. Have a lovely Christmas! xxx


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