Thursday, September 13, 2012

12 of 12, September

Boo Ya!  Another month of 12 of 12...this setting a reminder on my phone is working pretty well! :)

Breakfast time!  Yep, nutella!  The BG spike isn't any different
than when Bean eats just yogurt, so why not have a yummy
'treat' to start the day some days?!?
Oh, and the empty boxes are to remind me to pick up refills today!

Lunch prep.  Today's lunch, which is pretty much every day's lunch,
is an almond butter sandwich (no crusts...used to be because she didn't
like the crusts, now it's so it fits into the container!!), apple sauce, and
organic milk.  47g carbs, on a little note that will go inside her PDM bag.

This crazy girl!  She's into the 'my life's a musical' phase where
she sings most of what she says.  She's also obsessed with making
'money' ~ paper with scribbles ~ to use in a variety of games.
I just need a smidge of her energy...please!!

Oh, goodie, time to unload and load the dishes!
major sarcasm, in case you missed it!

It's a chilly, rainy day.  Those clouds are covering up the mountains,
which are getting snow instead of rain.  We usually have snow on 
the ground mid-October...hoping it will take a bit longer this year!

Nothing like a 20oz-skinny-decaf-4 pump vanilla- latte to make 
it through the school pick up line!

Perfectly timed hot cocoa...Bean felt low, and tested in the 50s
as soon as she got in the car after school.
When I took this picture she said, "Wordless Wednesday?"
Crazy how she didn't really even know or care too much about my
blog several months ago, and now she's wondering about posts!
I told her it wasn't for Wordless Wednesday, but for 12 of 12.
I explained what that was since she had quite the puzzled look on her face,
and she thought it was a really cool idea.  Me, too! :)

Oh, yeah, refill day!!!  We had our FNP increase the number of
times Bean tests a day since she is testing much more now that she's
in school.  Now we have enough to cover 15 times a day, which is great
since there are days she tests that many times!  Nice to not have to worry
about doing a BG test because of the number of strips we have!
So silly to me that they did 9 boxes of 50 instead of doing 4 boxes of 100
and one box of 50...time to make room in the supply bin!!

Just your normal dinner prep, right?!?!

We read the first Harry Potter book over the summer...had to 
read the book before she could watch the movie.  She had been
talking about several of her classmates reading (or being read) the
series and wanted to see if she'd like them.  We started the second book
last week and it's fun to see her excited about reading time.
Now I just need to get her excited about reading time when it's HER
turn to read instead of listening to me!!

OK, so the hot cocoa overdid it a bit with bringing up that low, and
the pasta didn't really help matters, and then I over corrected. UGH!

Time to bring out the BIG juice box!  
And can I just say that the hippo is even cuter than the snail?!?!
I picked up the larger size the other day because Bean had had a low that
took a juice box (15g carb size) and an apple sauce to come up.
We wondered if maybe a larger amount of juice (this size is 24g carb) would
have been a better choice.  So, we tried it out with her 70, arrow slanted
down and it did great.  Sure, I ended up having to do a temp basal as well
to keep her nice a steady through the night, but whateves!


  1. I love seeing those 9 boxes of test strips! Crazy huh how exciting more supplies can be?! We are testing so much more on the pod now. We tried the larger juice boxes once as well, but I found I kept giving her too much in the middle of the night, so we've gone back to the smaller boxes.

  2. Love the pictures!! It is amazing how pictures can tell a whole story with so few words.

  3. Love that she is into the blog. Joe and Bridget love giving me "blog" suggestions. I know this may surprise you, but even I find some of their suggestions "inappropriate" :)

    And...thanks for making me feel normal with Joe's Dex trend graphs. His always look like an Etch-N-Sketch in the hands of a DT-ing Gorilla during a Tsunami. xo

  4. You rock girlfriend! I am so happy that you did this.
    I did it too but have been FAR MORE lazy in actually getting the pictures up!
    I loved all of them!! that nasty cold rain looks.. well.. nasty and cold!


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