Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gettin' Our Art On

September 24, 2012 is Diabetes Art Day.

Since it falls on a Monday, and I happen to be subbing and Bean will (obviously) be at school and afternoons/evenings are a crazy blur of homework, dinner, and bedtime avoidance, we decided to do our Diabetes Art today.  Much more relaxed and enjoyable!!

I have been saving random D things since Children with Diabetes FFL.  We had such a fun time doing D Art there and totally wanted to be prepared with supplies for future projects!  Thank you Lee Ann Thill!!

We set out the strips, syringe caps, pod parts, lancet barrels, insulin vials and caps, etc.  Added in some paint, glue, ribbon, and paper, and off we went.

Here are Bug's Works of Art:

paint, test strips

paint, test strips, ketone strips, syringe caps (regular and 'pod filling')

Here are Bean's Works of Art:

paint, lancet barrels, syringe caps

paint, syringe caps (regular and 'pop filling')

paint, paint pen, test strips, 
syringe caps (regular and 'pop filling'), pod caps

Here are my Works of Art:

paint, paint pen, test strips, pod caps

Bean's hand is on the right, Bug's is on the left.

We are going to be manning the ADA booth for a few hours on Saturday for the Women's Fair.  We will be taking donations for our Step Out to STOP Diabetes walk team.  I have been working on some ideas for 'take aways' for those who donate, so since we were gettin' our art on today, I made some examples to see how they would work.

pod: paint, ribbon and paper; it's a magnet
insulin vial: HOPE written in paint pen; it's a bud vase
earrings: Apidra caps; these are mine! :)  made some for Bean, too


  1. You girls are all so talented!! LOVE these!!

  2. Love all the colors and creativity! We made art today, too. So much fun!

  3. Holy Cow, you guys were busy! Great Creations girls!!

  4. These are GREAT! You have a whole art gallery of stuff!

  5. Wow, you gals make so pretty amazing art!! :)

  6. Gaa, I meant SOME pretty amazing art. Hate those typos!!


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