Monday, September 10, 2012


Bean is into week four of school.  

Today, she didn't go below 72!!  WooHoo!!

It's not quite there, though, because that 72 was a hour-ish after lunch.  Yeah, shouldn't be low after eating.

I've been tweaking basals mostly, to keep her from crashing.  The first two weeks were a series of 50s and a couple of 40s, both in the morning and in the afternoon. Fun times!

Seems like I've got the morning just about set. (yep, I'm prepared for a terrible morning tomorrow now that I've said that!!)  I've decreased her basal and I'm not setting her temp basal (a big increase as soon as she eats breakfast to ward off the massive spike) for as long.  So far, so OK.

The trick now is to try to get the afternoon whipped into shape.  Because the dip has been within an hour or two after lunch, I'm trying a new insulin to carb ratio for her lunch starting tomorrow.  We'll see what the next three days bring.

I am constantly impressed by how on top of D-things Bean is.  She is 'in charge' of her D-care for the majority of the time at school.  There is a less than half time nurse for her school...and this is an increase in hours from last year.  She's great and makes sure Bean is doing what she should be on the days she's there.  
Plus, Bean's 8.  She forgets things sometimes.  She'll ignore Wilma (her Dexcom CGM) and end up having to treat a 50-something instead of a 70-something.  But we're working on paying better attention to those buzzes and beeps, and it seems like she's doing better since the 60s and 50s are happening less.

I've already had to replenish juice boxes, squeezey apple sauces, and sugar shots and will be doing so again tomorrow...oh, and granola bars, gotta remember that since that's not usually on my supply list of needing to be replaced; Bean told me about that today. :)

We are planning to go in this week to give our little "this is Diabetes" talk to Bean's class.  It's a bit later than usual, but things have been a bit crazy at the school and most of the kids in her class are 'repeats' and kinda know the deal already. :)  Which is great because it makes things more comfortable for Bean and I don't have to stress about her getting tons of questions and stares and comments.

All in all, third grade seems to be off to a good start.  Now if we can just get her to stop speaking English during the German part of her day and figure out how to best work in homework with afternoon/evening BGs!!

Two steps forward, three steps back...or at least it seems like it sometimes!  But, thankfully we're making pretty good forward progress and are trying hard to keep moving forward!!


  1. We are having a before lunch low issue...Glad to see you guys are getting somewhere...hopefully Joe and I will be close behind in getting school figured out. xo

  2. it sounds so complicated coming from another perspective. When you put it all out like that I'm like, "there's a lot going on inside my head"
    cute post. Bean rocks!


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