Monday, March 4, 2013

Loving The G4...and Tallygear!

Bean's had a CGM since 13 months after dx.  

It was life changing to see the graph and to know which direction her BG was headed instead of just a number on the meter screen.

Then the G4 entered the picture three months ago and our lives were changed again!

Yeah, the color screen is pretty and it's easier to see.  

Yeah, Bean loves that it's pink.

BUT, the range, people.  The RANGE!!  The fact that Bean can be in her bedroom upstairs and I can have the G4 on the couch downstairs is awesome!  And to be able to have the receiver in our bedroom and 'see' where Bean's BG is in the middle of the night without having to get out of bed is super nice!

Yes, I still do a 'real' BG check with the poking of the finger and the blood and the strip and all.  But, to not have to get out of the bed when I randomly wake up and wonder how she's doing is wonderful.

Another improvement that we are loving is the accuracy.  Yes, there's still the occasional really off number, but most of the time the G4 is within 10 points, which is kinda the whole point of a have accurate readings!

Bean is also loving the case for the G4 by Tallygear.  We were lucky to get a prototype to try out and are super excited about the updated one, too.

The versatility of the case is great.  Our favorite option is the 'lanyard' that Bean wears across her body while wearing dresses or jumpers so she doesn't have to hike up her skirt to see the receiver...which is what she used to have to do when the only option was as a belt with the 7+ because she didn't like to wear it on top of her dress.

Yeah, life with D can suck...but the technology is improving and the cool stuff is, well, just COOL!

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