Thursday, March 14, 2013

Like Water For Insulin

It's been a crazy day around these parts.

Seeing as it's Spring Break, we haven't been doing much of anything this week and it's been nice.

Ubergeek did take the girls ice skating last night after Bean had been asking and asking and I had told her we might be able to go this week.  And that would account for the interesting BG night we had last night.  Nothing terrible, as far as lows go.  Just the need for her basal to be off and a sqeezey applesauce to boost her.

Today, you would have thought that she replaced her insulin with water!

After breakfast, Bean shot up into the 300s and never came down past about 240 all day.  Yeah, that made for a nice calm, 'getting along with you sister' kind of a day around here.

We tired extra corrections, cranked basals; all to no avail.

Until, that is, around 10:30pm when I considered going to bed.  I know, what was I thinking?!?

It's like sometimes her body holds on to the insulin and then decides to let it loose all at one time.  Yeah, totally not possible, but totally what it seems like happens.

87, her basal is off.

Thirty minutes later, 74 and she had an applesauce.

I'm trying to be patient; trying not to over treat and spike her back to where she spent most of the day.  But, she keeps dipping.

61 just now and she had an apple juice.

It's been less than an hour and she's down over 20 points and the G4 has her 'arrow straight across' but she's been dipping slowly and consistently.

I know her BG will come up.  It always, eventually comes up.  It's the waiting for that number to get bigger that is the difficult part.

107...booyah!  Love that Bean commented, "Will you just let me sleep already?!" as I'm poking her finger for the fourth time in an hour!  Poor thing.

Now I think we can all least until the alarm goes off to test her in a couple of hours!


  1. We had a day kind of like that yesterday - she hovered in the 200's all day long and then slammed down around, oh, midnight. And stayed low. Carbs. Temp basal. Woke up at 85. Thank goodness for CGMs. She also said, "Why are you poking me so much?!?" Weird how you had a very similar day! Hope today is better!

  2. Isn't it crazy how that insulin seems to just sit there and do nothing, and then it ALL wants to start working suddenly?

  3. Our day was like that yesterday too!! The stars must be out of alignment or something! She was super high all day & night. She spent a good part of the day & evening in the high teens & low 20's. then BOOM just before 2am she wakes up crying she feels shaky. Poke & she's only 2.5. Un-freakin-believable!! One of the worst lows she's ever had to as far as symptoms go. Thankfully she only needed 2 treatments to come up.
    Hope Bean has a better night tonight!!


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