Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blood Anywhere But There

In the world we live, a world with a T1D kiddo, we deal with a significant amount of blood.

Since there are an average of 10 BG checks during a 24 hours period, we are used to seeing blood on finger tips, being wiped on things (usually a paper towel piece in her kit, but pant legs ~ hers and mine or Ubergeek's ~ and pillow cases and napkins and other places that are convenient at the time get their fair share of the blood wiping action), and on the underside of test strips when you get over zealous with the squeeze.

We've also had the odd 'gusher' when a pod or sensor is removed, but I could count those on one hand and have fingers left over.

And, there are the 'normal kid' blood issues when a knee is skinned or a tooth is lost or a sister's arm connects just right with your mouth.

All of those blood things I'm OK with.  They don't phase me.  They don't cause me any more than a fleeting thought.

This, however, is not a place you want to see blood... the cannula.  (The thing that delivers the insulin from the pod into Bean.)

AND, you totally and completely don't want to see it when it's a brand-spankin-new pod.

We're talking less than 30 minutes since it was put on Bean's arm!  

I noticed it when I was helping her get ready for bed and we both groaned.  I was hoping it might clear itself up...yeah, stupid, I know...but I was hoping, none-the-less.

But, no such luck!  As we were doing bedtime prayers, the pod alarmed and back downstairs we went to do another pod change.

And, being the awesome mom I am (no laughing, please) I even took the Pump Peelz off and put it on the new, new pod because she really wanted her pod on her arm with a Peelz so she could wear short sleeves and show it off.

Thankfully, the current pod seems to be behaving itself and Bean is fast asleep.

Now I get to try to figure out how much, if any, of the 'pod change bolus' we do with a new pod to help keep the 'pod change high' away with the alarmed pod she got, plus the 'pod change bolus' with the other new pod, balanced with the pizza she had for dinner and the temp basal to keep the pizza BG in check.  Yup, super fun impossible to know math going on!

And here I was thinking I could get to bed early tonight because I have a stupid-early staff meeting in the morning.

At least I have an awesome hubby who will bring me coffee when he drops of Bean for school!

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  1. And those bloody cannulas always come near the end of a shipment of pods, don't they?!


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