Monday, July 29, 2013

"Awe, It's So Cute!"

Bean is off to Diabetes Camp this week.

She has been looking forward to this week all summer (no, make that since she got off the bus last year!) and was super bummed that it was at the end of JULY this year instead the end of June like it's been the past two years she's been.

Her numbers had to be logged all week, so of course they were all over the place!  We even did an extra pod change to try to fix some stubborn highs and then ended up with several lows, of course!

Here's where she was when she ate her lunch during the registration process....

yeah, it's upside down...what's it to ya?!

So, needless to say, she didn't cover any of her lunch carbs!  She eeked up to 75 with an applesauce...she had already had her juice on the way there when she was at 57.  No BG lowering excitement going on there AT ALL!  With a quick debrief with her that Bean's medical team is at camp with her!!...they loaded the bus and off they went.

So, of course, today would be the day that the NEW PODS arrive!!!  Ironic, much?  Who says Diabetes doesn't have a sense of humor!

All I have to say is "OMG THEY ARE SMALL!!!"  
     And in case you are wondering, yes the new PDM came with them, but we only got one box of ten pods.

Yes, I've seen all the pictures.  Yes, I knew they were going to be small.  But, I was not prepared for just how stinking small they are!  I can't wait for Bean to see them!!

While I was talking to Ubergeek on the phone about HOW SMALL they are, Bug wanted to see one.

She cradles my hands (I was holding the pod package) in her hands and says with the tenderest voice and sweetest expression on her face, "'s so cute!"  Ri-dic-u-lous!

She returned to the couch and then about a minute later she pops up and, with a very concerned look on her face asks, "Is it going to be able to hold enough insulin? Cuz it's really small!"

I assured her it would hold the same amount of insulin and she went about her business once again.

I've flipped through oart of the User Guide and am excited to get the PDM setup and get one on Bean....
let's see, she should have a pod change tonight, then Thursday....UGH...that means we'll have to wait til Sunday...or will we?!?!



  1. Ok, how cute is that of Bug to be worried about how much insulin it would hold?! :-)

  2. Yay for new pods! We are still working our way through the old ones, but can't wait to use the new ones.

  3. I cannot even imagine the "old school ones"...and...right now...they don't seem so CUTE to me. LOL. So glad that they finally arrived sweet friend.

    Cannot wait to hear/read how Bean like camp.

  4. That's awesome!! That's one thing that I wasn't crazy about is the long as it holds the same amount of insulin, small is GREAT!! : )

    Love that she cares ; ) Hugs, girl!

  5. We're off to our first T1D camp (day camp) next week - can't wait! Great to hear how much other kids love those camps.
    Still waiting for new pods, needless to say.
    Very cute!


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