Monday, July 22, 2013

Checking Out Lauren's Hope

As we all know, there are a LOT of things that come along with a chronic condition like Type 1 Diabetes.  Some of those 'things' are non-negotiable...insulin, strips, meter, etc.  And as far as I'm concerned, a medical ID bracelet is one of those 'non-negotiables' as well.

That's why we LOVE Lauren's Hope!  No matter what condition or allergy you might need others to know about in an emergency situation, they've got you covered....and with style!

Bean is a true girly girl and has always been into jewelry.  So, getting her to wear a medical ID bracelet has never been an issue.  However, she does like to coordinate what she's wearing with the bracelet, so that can get a bit tricky. :)

When I was contacted by Lauren's Hope to test out a bracelet, I jumped at the chance!  I have been a customer of theirs since Bean was dx'ed...within the first couple of months she was sporting one of their bracelets.  I know, and appreciate, the quality and variety of their products.  From the basics to the glamorous, everyone can find what they need.

Bean was beyond excited to choose a bracelet to test out....and even more excited when it arrived!

She picked one of the triple strand bracelets with the purple aluminum tag.

I love that they have so many choices for the tag part of the bracelet.  Anything from your 'standard' sliver tag with a red caduceus to, well, purple!

The underside of the tag has room for 5 lines of engraving, so there's plenty of room to put important (life saving!) information. On Bean's tag is her name, the fact that she has T1 and is on the Omnipod insulin pump, is allergic to amoxicillin, my cell number and Ubergeek's cell number.  Yes, it all fits (with a few abbreviations) and is easy to read!

Bean has been wearing her bracelet since the moment it came out of the package!  It's just part of her and I love that.  She doesn't even know it's there...which is saying something for a triple strand, beaded bracelet!

just chillin'

bike riding around campgrounds
testing and dosing for a yummy treat

enjoying said 'yummy treat' with Spencer
and yes, you do see a juice box...campy fun can make those BGs drop!

exploring the gardens 

sound asleep while I do a wee-hours BG check

With her Lauren's Hope bracelet on, Bean is able to provide the most important information needed to help her in an emergency, even if she's unable to provide it herself.  It's an added layer of security that helps her feel safe and helps me feel safe for her.  

As you can see from the pictures, Bean has done just about everything in her bracelet and it's hanging tough!  Sure, there are a few scratches on her tag, but it doesn't effect the immediate identification that it's a medical bracelet and since the engraving is on the inside of the tag, it's protected and stays easy to read.

Like I said earlier, Bean has had a Lauren's Hope bracelet since the early days of this crazy D life that started for us just over three years ago.  We have a few different styles and a couple of different tags.  I love that they are all interchangeable so she can mix and match.  And, even with all the wear, they all have stood the test of a very active girl and are still in very good condition!  The tags are very readable and the bracelets still look great.

I know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to medical jewelry, but I have to tell you that I have found the items we have from Lauren's Hope to be outstanding in quality and design.  It's always the first place I think of whenever Bean needs/wants something new or different and when making recommendations to others who are looking for medical alert jewelry.

Keep an eye out in early August because I've been invited to do a guest post on the Lauren's Hope Bog AND we will be doing a GIVE AWAY just in time for the 'back to school' shopping frenzy!

Lauren's Hope sent Bean her bracelet free of charge and I was asked to blog about it.  If I had not been impressed with this company already, or if this bracelet wasn't fabulous, I would have told you. :)


  1. Beautiful and cool in all dimensions!

  2. Great post, and LOVE the beautiful pics. When I picked out my medical alert bracelet a couple months ago, I was so bummed that my first choice Lauren's Hope didn't have what I was looking for. But there are so many great choices they have, and it's awesome to see them grow so much and offer what they do. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Yay, I just love Lauren's Hope!! In fact, I think I'll be blogging about them again very very soon. ;)

  4. You have such a beautiful girl. :)

    And I love Lauren's Hope too.

  5. #Dblogcheck

    I LOVE the fact that we have interchangeable IDs now. The first few years after I was diagnosed, I refused to wear an ID because all they had (or all I knew about) was the dog tag necklace version. That doesn't really work for a 22 yr old female. Now I have one (of several styles) on all the time.

    Safe and cute! :D

  6. Cute... I wish Elise would wear one, but she just doesn't like them. Believe me, I've tried. Since she's with me 24/7, it's not a big deal, but when she goes to school it will be a different story. Just not sure i can find something she will like.

  7. #dblogcheck

    Have to say that last picture is precious. I love looking in on my kids when they're sound asleep. I'm still using a MedicAlert bracelet which gets a lot of bangs and bumps, I'll check out Lauren's Hope once our budget allows it.

  8. #dblogcheck

    Okay, now *I* want one of those bracelets. She totally rocks it! I wear an ID from NStyle ID, but always drool over the Lauren's Hope ones I see.

  9. Nice blog i like to see that! thanks for sharing!


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