Monday, January 13, 2014

Shawty Stays Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo

yes, I totally made myself giggle when I thought up the title and now I can't get the song out of my head!!!

Bean has been having some odd lows lately.

I mentioned them on FB, and received some great advice from those who know (aka, anyone else living the crazy D life!).

Here's the issue...that magical juicy juice apple juice box seems to have lost it's powers.  Used to be we could count on that cute little green rectangle to boost Bean a good 60-80 points in less than 15 minutes with no rebound issues.  Now? Not so much.

She's had at least three lows in the past week or so that just haven't responded to 15g of carbs of juice.  Then, haven't responded to either another juice, an applesauce, or other random beverage the school happened to have (I think it was a V8something-or-nother).  But, after 45 minutes, she shoot sky high and we have the toughest time getting her back down.

It's not only frustrating, but a tad (OK, more than a tad) disconcerting because one never wants to see a similarly low number after having 15g of 'fast acting sugar'.

So, dinner tonight just happened.  Bean started at 68.  Usually a number we'd throw an apple juice at, but she was about to eat, so I didn't.  I also had her go ahead and bolus, knowing it would reverse correct (give her less insulin because her BG was low), and that it would be a good 15 minutes before it would kick in.
She scarffed her lasagna, bread, and milk in about 10 minutes and was ready for ice cream (which I forgot she had asked for, so it wasn't included in the carb count).  I had her test, and she was at 65.  Bring on the ice cream!  Another ten minutes pass and she was at 90...headed up, but slowly.  Thirty minutes later and she's at 197.  Wilma shows double arrow I bolused for the ice cream carbs.


Hoping for a nice leveling out soon and no delayed pasta issues...usually not a problem, but I'm sure now that I've said that.....

...and, no, she doesn't own any boots with the fur....fleece, yes; fur, no! ;)


  1. As I write this I am watching the effects of a delayed pasta spike on the dex. I'm waiting for it to level out before I correct. We never used to have this issue, but now I always have to extend for pasta.

    Sigh. Stupid diabetes.

    And now I have that song stuck in my head!

  2. Dang delayed pasta! We have the delayed ice cream over here...and pizza....UGH! Good luck getting it all figured out! We have been in the same boat lately!

  3. we had the same issue of the 15g not being enough on Christmas Eve. after two treatments for 3.3, 2.4 and then letting the low suspend keep the pump suspended for 20 mins, she was up to 15 by her 3am check. Luckily I got it back down again by morning. We usually have the pasta spike too.


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