Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sometimes You're The Windshield...

....sometimes you're the bug.

Well, today, I feel like I've not only been squished on the windshield, but like I've then been scraped back and forth with the wipers!!

Yeah, not the best.

And, of course, the majority of it is directly related to the big effing D.

I was awake four times last night because of Bean's BGs.  None of which were remotely close to a number you'd like to see.

It started yesterday with a call from the sub-nurse with a report that Bean was at 290 for her lunch check.  Nice.  Well, she can't not eat lunch at school, nor can I bring her something less carby to try to help the situation, so it's her usual cheese sandwich, applesauce, and milk....lovely.

Another call, which I missed because, well, I teach and can't always answer the phone, reported that she was 320.
Now, that, in an of itself isn't a fabulous number.  BUT, when you consider it's about a 90 minutes post meal that started at 290, it's pretty good!

The afternoon progressed about the same and we chalked it up to it being pod change day and crossed our fingers that a new pod and an extra 0.50u with the first bolus would help things get back on track.

Ha, Ha, Ha....if only...

After dinner, Bean spiked into the low 400s and then before bed we got the lovely HIGH reading.  Rage bolused and temp basaled and sent her and her attitude to bed.

Midnight check showed 70s (Ubergeek did it and woke me up with his less than stealthy ways and less than quite comments about there not being any low supplies upstairs.)

Wilma alarms around 2 with a Below 80...and yep, she was in the 70s and I gave her an applesauce and turned off her basal for an hour.

Wilma then alarms around 4:30 with another Below 80....and yep, she was and I gave her a juice and climbed back in bed hoping to be able to catch another 45 minutes of sleep.

I leave before the whole breakfast thing happens, so I don't know how her morning went, other than when I checked Wilma she was pushing 100, which is perfect.

Then the lovely text message comes from the secretary, who plays nurse when one isn't there and does a kick ass job, around 10:30 and Bean's at 390.  You can insert your own choice words because I'm sure just about every one of them ran through my head in a millisecond.
We had her correct, pushed a ton of water, and low and behold at lunch about an hour later she was 266, which is progress, I suppose.

We'll wait and see what the rest of the afternoon brings and make some adjustments tonight that will hopefully produce some better results tomorrow...*sigh*

Generally speaking, I love roller coasters.  However, I detest beyond measure the BG roller coasters Bean has to deal with.

I know I shouldn't, but I still see those obnoxious numbers and feel like I should have done more, done better, done SOMETHING that would be successful and help her feel her best.  Alas, not so much.
There's only do what we can and what we think will do the trick and wait and see.  And that, my friends, sucks massively, hugely big time!


  1. EERRRGH! There's something in the air then, because we are having the same issues! Elise had her G & T test today and she was at 308. Not really the right number to be taking a test at.

    Stop the ride, I want to get off

  2. Awww, that stinks!! And I know you know it isn't anything you did, but I also know how hard it is not to blame ourselves when the numbers are out of whack. :( Sending big hugs to you both.


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