Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Synopsis

Another week has come and gone.

Lots of things have been going on.

So I thought I'd take a minute or two

And share the goings on with you!! ;)

** I was asked this week to commit until the end of November with the substitute teaching position I have been doing for the past four weeks.  This is a fabulous thing as it allows me to go in to 'long-term sub' status which comes with a pay increase!!  So, it's now more financially rewarding to be busting my arse each day! ;)

** While in the front office area the other day, I was a part of a conversation between a parent and our secretary about this parent's child who had been called a 'pretty boy' at recess (just for the record, this kid is quite the looker).  The name caller thought it was a compliment because he liked the other boy's was quite 'fixed' with gel.  Come to find out the mom had recently switched products so as not to be spending $13 per jar on hair gel for her two boys.  She is now using a product call Gorilla Snot. seriously!  Come to find out there is also Bear Snot, but it doesn't work as well.  So if you ever need to know, Gorilla Snot is better that Bear Snot!! :)

** Ubergeek worked his magical IT ways and fixed my blog.  One of the pictures in one of the posts had freaked it out and all of the side bar 'things' were gone.  They are back now...YEA!!

** After some serious fit throwing on Bean's part yesterday at a get together, Ubergeek persisted with Bean today and she is now RIDING HER BIKE!!!  Granted, she still needs help getting started and she has trouble in the stopping area, but SHE'S RIDING HER BIKE!!!  She went from saying 'pedal, pedal, pedal' to 'I'm doing it, I'm doing it, I'm doing it' while I was running along side her.  It was an amazingly proud moment for all of us!

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but that's what I got for now!


  1. WOOT for Bean riding her bike!! I have been running alongside Emma riding lately too :o) Thanks for the info on gorilla snot vs. bear snot...lolol Also a big congrats to you my friend for the extended sub position, that's awesome!

  2. Hee... bear snot!

    Congrats on the pay raise! Sounds like things are going great for you guys... yay for happy news!

  3. I must check out this "snot". Yay for extra pay and knowing where your going to be for the next few months. WAHOO!!!!

  4. We have been missing you in the DOC Denise. Thanks for the updates and I will take special note of the Gorilla Snot. And Hip Hip Hooray for The Bean! What a magical time...learning to ride her bike. xo

  5. Gorilla snot? Bear snot? I am out of the loop!

  6. Gorilla snot? Bear snot? My curiosity is piqued. :)

    Congrats on the job!

    High five to Bean!


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