Monday, September 26, 2011

Among 3000 Lions

At the zoo event that was hosted by our local ADA office, Ubergeek and I were talking with the ADA reps about this, that, and whatever and Ubergeek just had to mention the song and our "You Can Do This" video.

As a result, I was asked if I would be willing to share Bean's story at the Lions Club Conference that was held this weekend.  I said sure, not knowing exactly what it would en tale, but knew that any chance to talk to people about T1 was a good thing.

I found out later, as I was prepped for the evening, that the Lions Club is very supportive of the ADA and make such events like Diabetes Camp and Family Link possible.  What an honor to be able to not only share our family's story, but to be able to thank them for their support of events that have made an impact on our family.

I also found out that this was not just local Lions, but was a HUGE conference and I would be speaking in front of 3000 people!  Yeah, not really in my comfort zone, but it was too late to make up an excuse and not do it! ;)

So, I bought the girls fancy dresses (love second hand stores!) and off we went.

our ADA friend Michelle bought the girls cute!

It was quite the site when everyone was seated and the dinner service began.  Bean and I were wisked away just after the salads were served and escorted to the stage.

view from our table in the back left corner of the HUGE room
I'm stage right, Bean is stage left with our Lions escort...not that you can see us!

It went really well.  I didn't mess up too many times. ;) And Bean was super cute on stage.  Ubergeek recorded it, edited it (I used Bean's real name lots of times), and uploaded it to youtube.  You all know by now he's awesome like that. 

Love that I was able to give a shout out to all my DOC friends!


  1. Thanks for advocating. You had to speak in front of quite a large group; did wonderfully. Your girls are adorable.

  2. Denise!!! Wow, you were AMAZING. Seriously, you did a fantastic job. And in front of 3,000 people??? Even more amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Woo-hoo! Great job... I would have been shaking in my boots. Actually, I don't wear boots, but you get the idea.

    And yay for shout outs!

  4. SO proud of you!! That's my girl .... from your Mother :-)

  5. you are AMAZING my friend! Fantastic job! I am so proud of you!!

  6. Amazing! So glad you had the opportunity to speak at the did a great job providing a glimpse in our world! I didn't know much about the Lions Club a few years ago, but over the past 2 years I've learned quite a bit about them...their support of the ADA is incredible. Our local camp (a week-long overnight camp) is done at no cost to the camper/family!

  7. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!! YOU DID AMAZING!!!!!!!

    WooHoo...LOVE IT :)

  8. That's so amazing. I could do speeches in front of 60 people in college but don't think I could speak to 3,000 people. Kudos and a big pat on the back to you, Great Job!

  9. Dangit...I got through the first couple of minutes, but then the video stopped working. I will come back later. Loved how poised you were Denise. You did a commendable job. I am so honored to be walking this walk and talking this talk right along-side you. Love you. xo

  10. Denise, good for you stepping up in front of a big crowd. That's not easy at the best of times. I've just added your blog to Diaboogle.

    It may not be much consolation, but I've lived with type 1 for 39 years and I'm doing fine. Bear in mind that we didn't have insulin pumps or even blood glucose monitors before the late 1980s. I know that diabetes is never easy, but if you can capture the attention of a big crowd I'll bet that Bean will be doing just fine in about 30 years time.

  11. Bravo!!!!!! You were fantastic! Feeling proud of you!

  12. You rocked the stage, my friend! Seriously, you look and sounded like you do these kinds of thing everyday - public speaking - well I guess you kind onf do with teaching! The dresses were super cute and I am glad yourc were able to pull everything together in time.


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