Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Bean Team walked to Stop Diabetes

     Sunday, October 30th, was the StepOut Walk to Stop Diabetes.

We woke up to the first snow of the season, 
so it's a good thing the walk was inside!!

There were lots of vendors to visit along the walk and they had a cool "Red Striders' Lounge" (Red Striders are walkers with diabetes) where they had free supplies, books, hot cocoa, homemade banana bread, and a massage table.  (Oh, yeah, totally got a massage!!)

We were joined by Ubergeek's parents, G and her parents, and another one of Bean's friends and her mom (our friend).  We were a small group, but we had a blast.

The girls got their faces painted.

We gathered 'goodies' from the vendors and other volunteers at the stations around the walk, including a really cool pen that's shaped like a syringe.

We made a connection with a mom and her daughter who had flown in from Nome.  It was amazing to meet them and we were in awe that they had been living this life for four years as the only family with T1 in their area. We look forward to connecting with them more, both via email and when they come in for appointments. That's always the best part of these events....connecting with other families who live the same life as we do.

We raised more than last year.  Last count was over $1400.  A drop in the bucket, but every penny counts.  Best of all, it more than qualifies Bean to go to diabetes camp next summer...something we are all looking forward to!


  1. Very cool! Glad to hear you had a great walk!

  2. how AWESOME! great job on the fundraising total my friend! I so need to sit down and talk with our JDRF walk people and say "what the what?! where's our massage table?!" LOL!!

  3. Go, Alaksa! Go, Bean Team!

  4. It was great meeting you guys there. Meagan is excited that she will "know" somebody who goes to the camp. I am excited to know other parents who understand. I am having one of those, feeling really alone moments. Comforting to read your blog, felt a little less alone tonight. Thanks. The mom from Nome.


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