Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Quiet

The girls are in bed...pretty close to 'normal time,' but it feels like it's way early for some reason.

Ubergeek is at a that he's in the thick of it at Bean's school, but sometimes it's annoying when he has yet another meeting.

At the moment, the TV is Shake It Up or Good Luck Charlie or Jessie in the background.

The only sounds are the aquarium, refrigerator, and heater.

I know it won't last long, this quiet.

Soon enough Bug will cough.  Just can't seem to shake that nasty cough.

Soon enough I will have to hear the 'beep....beep, beep' of a  BG test for Bean or the vibrating of Wilma (her CGM) alerting me of some issue with Bean's BG that will need my attention.

But for now I can enjoy the quiet.  I can let my mind slow down.  I can just be and not have to do, for a while.

At the beginning of this Thanksgiving Week, I am thankful for the quiet...even though these moments are few and far between, I am thankful when they come around!


  1. i love the silence sometimes...hope you enjoyed yours and Happy Thanksgiving to you all! That is one holiday i will never get used to since I moved here to Canada from the States...they celebrate Thanksgiving in before Halloween...weird...not a big fan of that! There's nothing to look forward to in November dangit!! :o)

  2. Happy thanksgiving from this Canadian too.
    I crave that kind of silence.

  3. Ahh..silence. It IS quite a gift. ; ) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! hugs!


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