Friday, November 18, 2011

DxONE ~ sneak peek!

*first off, no, the world isn't about to end...I am actually posting two days in a row!!!  now if I could just get around to reading your blogs and commenting, the world might just stop turning!!

Ubergeek has been following the progress of DxONE, the short film about living with Type 1 Diabetes.  He had this great idea to contact the creator about showing it at an ADA Family Link event once it was finished, so he sent an email the other day.

He now has a new BFF Type 1 Dad in the film's award winning creator!  They have emailed back and forth, chatted on the phone from one coast to the other, and got permission to have a screening of the film once it's ready.

What's super cool is that we had the opportunity to view a rough cut last night and OMG it was amazing!  It's like he wrote our story, all of our stories.  The middle of the night check, the having to adjust a dose for a high BG, the behavior issues that come with highs and lows evoking the 'you better hope your BG is responsible for this' comment we've all made at one point or another, the constant back of the mind worry, everything.

It's powerful.  It's accurate.  It, I hope, will shed some light on the day in, day out-ness of this disease for those who can't possibly imagine it because it's not their life, their child's life.

If you would like to check out some of the scenes, visit Dan Masucci's You Tube channel.  You'll be glad you did!

*on another quick note, Bean and I were interviewed for a piece for Diabetes Awareness Month for a local TV station.  If I can get it edited to remove real names, I'll post it. :)  It was nothing big, but it was crazy to see ourselves on the news!


  1. how awesome!! and congrats on your tv interview girls!

  2. Shucks - wish I'd known, we would have watched, Meagan would have been psyched. Which channel, wonder if it's online. Meagan had a crazy low today, went from 188 to 55 in an hour at school, no real reason, just to let us know we weren't in control I guess. Hope you guys have a great Turkey Day. -Mom from Nome

  3. Very cool! Have you heard about Patient 13 (another T1 documentary)? Congrats on making the evening news - that's fantastic!


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