Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two Drink Minimum

So wish I was alluding to some awesome event Ubergeek and I got all dolled up to go to, but alas, no.

I'm talking about Bean's night last night.

We had a fabulous time at a post Thanksgiving get together with friends.

Well, other than a few D slip ups.  Bean had been at a party for most of the day.  She neglected to mention when I picked her up, however, that her pod had alarmed while she was 1:45pm.  Now, at 6:45pm, while we were preparing to eat dinner, she tells me that she thinks she remembers her pod alarming at the party.

UM, HELLO?!?!  Kinda important information!

She was 'scolded' while I was trying to activate a new pod.  Yea, trying....stupid thing wouldn't 'beep, beep' after filling it with insulin.  (We've had a 'bad run' with this shipment...way more alarms and issues that normal.)  Thankfully Ubergeek had a pod in his backpack that he keeps with him all the time.

Then during the 'party within a party' (one Bean's friends was celebrating her birthday since everyone was there anyway!) Bean conveniently forgot to test and dose for the cupcake she was consuming.  I made eye contact with her no less than four times, eyebrows raised, trying to clue her in to the fact she was EATING a flipping CUPCAKE, and had forgotten something.

About 30 minutes later, she comes to me asking for, high much?  So I had her test....lovely 434.  At that point, she was 'scolded' again for eating (a cupcake, no less!) without testing.  She corrected, and bolused for the cupcake and went on her merry way.

We kept an eye on her BGs via Wilma (our dexcom) the rest of the night and she seemed to be doing better.

We got home and I sent her upstairs to get ready for bed.  Ubergeek called her back down to test (standard procedure before bed) and she was at 56.  Lovely!  Juice, cheese, wheat thins; then off to bed.

I set my alarm to check her at 2...slept through it...ugh!

Wilma buzzes at me through the monitor at 3:28....down the hall I go to test Bean and she's at 60.  WHAT?!?  Guess that decision to cover some of those carbs wasn't a good one.  So, another juice box is consumed by a sleeping Bean.  I also reduced her basal to be on the safe side.

I set my alarm for 6, hoping that I'll wake up this time.  But at 5:58, Wilma buzzes at me again.  66.  WHAT, WHAT?!?!  This never happens...juice box at 3:30 should totally get her through the night just fine, not to mention a reduced basal to boot!  Love it when D does things it usually doesn't do!!  So, yet another juice box is slurped (any one else have a kid that burps in the middle of the night with a juice box, but never during the day?!?)  and basal is turned OFF for two hours.

Bean wakes up and comes into our room shortly before 9....gotta love late mornings after late nights!  She tests and is at a respectable 144.

She's been doing this lately....crashing for no real reason, needing less insulin than before.  Guess the growth spurt or whatever is over.

Time for some basal tweaks....could swear I just did some of those not too long ago!!


  1. So much goes on in our management everyday!
    Thank God for Dex and his alarms.

  2. ugh...i totally relate to this post! I was just adjusting basals like a mofo trying to muddle my way through a growth spurt...*knocking on wood as I say this*, but I think it's over now...AND I am forever giving Emma the eyebrows raised look at parties while she happily shoves cake into her mouth without a care in the world...ugh. Same same my friend...hang in there!

  3. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and your blog is so helpful...thanks for sharing.

  4. I was fighting through lows last night :( I hate them. totally understand this post!


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