Sunday, March 11, 2012

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun...

...with Double Pod, Double Dex, Double Change, UGH!

Picture it, Alaska, 1-ish am.

In walks a beeeeeeeeping Bean, bleary eyed from disturbed sleep.

I hear her coming from down the hall, willing my eyes open to acknowledge her presence at my side of the bed.  (why is it that kid NEVER go to the 'dad' side of the bed?!?!)

She states the obvious, "I'm alarming" and then  "Please, please, please can we NOT do a pod change now?!"

I have her deactivate her beeeeeeeeeping pod, test...a 188, A-OK for her to go back to sleep without a pod as far as I'm concerned (especially since I've been having to either reduce or turn off her basal at some point in the wee hours if she's been corrected, which she had been).

Morning rolls around and a new pod is placed, she tests (251...not a great morning number by any stretch of the imagination, but I was fine with it considering no one wanted to do a 1 am pod change!) and doses for breakfast.

We go ahead and also do a Wilma (dexcom) sensor change since she's been giving us ??? off and on for a couple of days and had a handful of readings in the past 12 hours.  The two hour waiting period begins and we go one our merry way.

About 2 1/2 hours later, give or take (it was an In Service Day, so no school for Bean and no subbing for me, so we kinda didn't care about the time once Ubergeek was dropped at work and Bug was dropped at her 'school'...she LOVES going, it was Friday ~ which means prize day, and it was paid for, so she went) Bean starts beeeeeeping again.

We both utter a 'seriously?!?!' and start pod change number two.  (We have had far more than our fair share of alarming pods with this shipment.  Thankfully it's not the norm, but when it rains, it seems to pour, and it gets really, really old...especially when there's been 8 since Valentines Day!)

While we are waiting for the pod to prime itself, I ask her if she's entered the two start up BGs for Wilma, since it's been longer than 2 hours.  She says she hasn't, so I check her receiver to see if it has the little blood drop on it, indicating she's ready for those two start up BGs and I see "SENSOR FAILED."   Never seen that before!

So, that means it's time for sensor change number two.  Supplies are gathered, added to the ones already piled on the table, and off we go.

Buttons are pushed, cannulas are injected.  More buttons are pushed, a thin wire sensor is injected.  Whimpers are uttered, tears of frustration are shed, and the plethora of tissues and swabs and adhesive backings and and and are appropriately tossed.

The day progresses without further incident, thankfully.

The pod is trucking right along and Wilma has been tracking pretty close to actual BGs.


  1. It's so hard to always stop life for a change. Esp when it happens four times!
    I don't know if OmniPod has told you this, but they've told me after I get a number of alarming pods from one box, we might just need to send the whole box back and get a new one.

  2. double UGH!! how completely frustrating! and yes...i totally want to know why kids always go to Mom's side of the bed?? even if it is the side furthest away from the door? LOL

  3. that is awful!! I don't blame you for not changing at 1am..I HATE that! And 251 is not that bad.. ; ) She didn't go low! : )

    Hope it went better this weekend!!

  4. It always amazes me when Dexcom users say "I've never seen that before" regarding the "sensor failed" alarm. It seems I get that every.single.time with the medtronic cgm. any way...... this really sucks. holy failed equipment. makes me upset. all this stuff that keeps your little beaner alive. why can't they make this stuff work?!

  5. No pain, no gain . . . .x2. Blech

  6. Here's what we used to try... If it is a sensor failed error message, nothing you can do but change it out. If it is a Sensor Error No. 1 message, we restart and in a couple of hours it may give you the chance to calibrate with the blood drops. All Dexcom users will see this at some point in time... goes with the territory. When we had sensors that did not work, we would go without for a day or two because she would find frequent sensor changes immediately after insertion undoable. Not everyone can go without a sensor for a day or two, however. Dex needs to have a way to test the sensors before site changes; and Omni Pod the same. As far as I'm concerned there have been too many instances of bad pods from what I am reading... great idea but Omni needs to get its act together.


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