Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This..."

...OK, so maybe my mama didn't say that, but it's true all the same.

Spring Break continues to be a suck-fest.

Appointments that bring the same sucky results.  Appointments that end with the urologist telling you he really doesn't know what to do about the whole continuing reflux thing other than to try taking Bean off of her daily antibiotic to see if the reflux will cause a kidney infection.

**Let me jump in here and tell you that the ONLY time Bean has had a kidney infection is the couple of times we've tried taking her off her daily antibiotic.  And these aren't 'easy' UTIs.  NOPE.  They are raging (pediatrician's words when Bean had an infection when we were in Atlanta when my dad died ~ fun times!) Kidney Infections that come with fevers in the 103 to 105.7 (yep! love that number!) range for at least three days, with at least two injections of broad spectrum antibiotics that HURT.  She doesn't get the 'normal' symptoms of painful urination or aches in her sides.  Nope, just a massive fever that comes out of no where.

Not really the first course of action on my list, taking her off antibiotics, I can tell you!

Granted, we won't know if she'll have a kidney infection unless we take her off the antibiotic.  But, being the realist that I am, and history being what it is, I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen!

So, we've decided that we'll be waiting until school is out to try this wicked experiment of taking her off her daily protective antibiotic.  Not chancing her having to miss a week or more of school to satisfy the urologist's curiosity about whether the reflux 'matters or not' any more.  Plus, I have NO IDEA what kind of havoc an infection like this could wreak on D...suckfestpalooza, for sure!!

And to keep with the suckfest theme, here's a gut level honest look at Bean's day yesterday:

Yeah, I'm thinking that leg site isn't working so great.  Plus, Wilma (Bean's dexcom CGM) hasn't been providing the best results for the past couple of days.  That's a bit of comfort, knowing she hasn't been quite that high or spiking quite that steeply, but it still isn't pretty if you were to graph her actual BG readings.

The day before looked kinda like that, too.  And after two days of seeing sucky numbers that don't want to budge and spiking BGs from meals that shouldn't affect her quite that badly, add to that wonderful test results, I'm feeling kinda beat up.  I've eaten too much chocolate cake.  Had way too many Girl Scout Cookies.  UGH!

I know, 'this, too, shall pass' but right now, in the middle of it, it SUCKS.  I'm ready for some more normal stuff.

OH, and to top it all off?  We are within just a couple of inches of snow to break the over 50 year old record.  Last count I can find, we've had 129.4 inches of snow.  That's a dang lot of snow!  It snowed most of yesterday, and the forecast is calling for more over the next few days.  Just really, really hoping we don't have a St Patrick's Day dump like we did 10 or so years ago when we got 18 inches!  UGH, UGH, UGH!!

Enough whining for now...there's laundry and dishes to do, oh joy!  

And I should probably go see why the girls are playing nicely!  Not always a good sign!!! ;)

Sure hoping for a more 'upbeat' post soon!!!


  1. And here I can't believe that we've only pulled out the snow pants twice, and now we're wearing shorts...Can't believe your snow, but then again, if it doesn't snow in Alaska, I might be a tad worried...Here's to tomorrow!

  2. HUGS sent to you, my friend. I hope the suckfest ends and you can catch a break!! xoxo

  3. What a week! T1 is challanging enough without other stuff in the mix! Sorry to hear, and hey - the sun is probably out till 3 or 4pm now, right?! Hope next week is better

  4. hmmm... what to say to this... THAT SUCKS is about all that comes to mind. Very sorry to hear what was supposed to be a fun week of march break has turned into a suckfest.
    You need to take care of momma too. I know what it feels like to stare at those numbers (and FEEL them too) but to see it from a mothers point of view must just rip your heart out. Stick in there... when it rains it pours and then the sun will come out.
    that sounds really un-Scully-like but.. hey, it's Friday and I'm trying to be positive for a change.

  5. ::hug:: Sorry this week is so sucky. Hope your weekend is better!

  6. I simply must order your next post to be an improvement. Suckfest 2012 is o-v-e-r. Hear me? Otherwise I am going to have to hop a plane (or 2-3) to come and rescue your sweet family. Love you, lady!

  7. Oh, Denise. I'm so sorry. : ( It does sound like an incredible suck-fest!! I can't imagine all of that PLUS refluxing urine and snow. I am so over snow. It's overrated. Sandals are on my radar now. ; )

    I'd send you GS cookies since we are knee-deep in them, but it sounds like you don't need more. : ( What can I do to help you?
    Saying prayers for Bean's refluxing to really stop, and for her numbers to level out-I know how stressful it is. Sending you hugs, girl!!

  8. UGH! I hate those dates. I will say a pray for her as well. I hate leg sites as well :(


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