Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not A Week Off

This was supposed to be a week off.

The 'full time' teacher finally had all of the necessary papers processed and I was relieved of my long-term sub job last Friday.

I relished in the alone-ness of Monday.  Ubergeek was at work, as usual.  Bean was at school, as usual.  Bug went to her normal childcare for Mondays because we had paid for it and I needed a day to myself.

I dropped everyone off at their respective places and went home to my quiet house.  Knowing I planned to attack the downstairs to try to find floors that haven't been seen for weeks and tables that have been covered with this and that for weeks, I decided to grab a bit of a nap.  Plus, I was TIRED!!

My phone rings about 20 minutes into my nap and I see that it's the school.  Of course it is!  I answer, because there's no way I'm ignoring the call, and I hear that Bean is in the office complaining that there is dried blood around her cannula.  Being the responsible, yet tired, D-mom I am, I ask if the pod is alarming and it's not.  I tell the secretary (who is also a good friend) that Bean's fine, but to keep an eye on her numbers for the day and if she starts to run high (indicating that the insulin isn't getting through) then I'll come and change it.

I roll over and convince myself that she'll be fine and drift back to nappy land for a fabulous hour of quiet house sleep.

The rest of the day I kicked the messy house's ass.  I cleaned the playroom, cleaned the living room, found the dining room (catch all) table.  I vacuumed, I swiffered.  I washed, dried, folded AND put away (holy cow!!) laundry.  I got the futon that my mother slept on in DECEMBER back to couch status.  I was productive and it felt good!

My phone rings at 3:45.  Well into Brownie meeting time.  (yep, you know where this is going if you saw yesterday's post)  My friend tells me that Bean is back in the office and has ripped off her pod!!  LOVELY!  Being the amazing friend she is, she has already had Bean test while calling me.  She's at 86.  A fabulous number for her to not have any insulin for an hour-ish until Brownies is over.  And it's a good thing, too, because I had just gotten out of the shower and couldn't exactly rush right over!

The rest of the week, I've been subbing for the teacher I have been partner teaching with since the beginning of the year.  It's been fun having 'my' kids and seeing the 'other side' of their day.  Granted, I could have used another day to attack the upstairs, but having three more days of pay is also nice!

Thankfully tomorrow is an In Service Day for teachers to do grades for the end of the quarter and next week is Spring Break!  Not that I will be utterly productive with the girls home, but not having to get up super early will be nice, none-the-less!!


  1. Although I don't have kids and my dog isn't even currently living with I do hate it when life is crazy like that. Oddly enough it sounds like through the chaos there was some semblance of organization. :)

  2. You had me at "nappy land" my friend...:o) Just wanted to say that put a smile on my face and I am SO happy that you had quiet, clean house, nappy land time...if only for a while. :o)

  3. Send me a plane ticket (4 seats, please) and I will come and clean our house, do your laundry, and even cook all your meals. I will bring my kiddos and we can homeschool in your house and then be ready to have all sorts of fun when you get home. And, since we have shared a bed before, I think we could even make time for nappy land. I'll start packing . . . .

  4. Ohhhh what is this "Nappy-Land" you speak of??? Sounds heavenly.

  5. Happy Birthday for today, fellow fish!! I love having my birthday in March; all the spring flowers are starting. It's such a time of promise. Even more so to think I share it (almost) with you.
    And a nap. wow, I am amazed you had any time. The D always finds a way into our free time and space.
    Love to you and


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