Monday, March 19, 2012

Much Better Monday

The suckfest that was Spring Break last week is OVER!!!

You are welcomed to relive it here, here, and here...not that anyone wants to, especially ME!!

Bean is back to school, and it seems that the return of structure is doing wonders for her BGs.  That, and a new pod on her tummy (best place for her) and a new vial of insulin used to fill said pod!

Check out the pretty graph....

Still can't seem to figure out that breakfast spike, but it's way better than it used to be (believe it or not!).

And, for the record, her actual BGs on her PDM were between 106 and 207.  Not to say she may not have gone higher (duh, she ate breakfast!) or dipped a bit lower (Wilma {Bean's CGM, in case you are new around here} was pretty off at dinner...she said 74 and Bean was actually 106).

I turned off her basal for an hour at bedtime because she was at 109 an hour an a half after a bagel with cream cheese and nutella dinner (keep the judgmental comments to yourself, please!).  Guess I over did it on the carb count, or it's just waiting for a few hours to kick in.  Tested her right after I snapped the above picture and she was actually at 207.  Still OK with me...a bit higher than I thought she'd go, but whatever!  

Oh, and I entered her BG into Wilma and she 'corrects' to display 156.  Um, No, not close enough.

Why is it sometimes I can enter a 'corrected' BG into that silly thing and it will come within 10 points and other times it decides that it's not going to budge at all, or very little.  Seriously, does it think I'm joking?  That I'm making up the number?  If I put a BG in, I want Wilma to 'correct' to that number.  Is that too much to ask?!?!

Here's to a Terrific's field trip day, so we'll see!!!


  1. Yeah!!! Good job kickin' D's butt back into submission ;)

  2. WOOT! way to rock it girls! Hope she had a blast on the field trip!


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