Monday, June 4, 2012

"Don't EVER Do THAT Again!"

Words uttered by Bug after I tested her BG this evening after she had woken up/gotten out of the bed for a drink for what seemed like millionth time since she had be put to bed early because of her obnoxious behavior all day.

Yeah, I went there.

You, know, that place where the only thing that could possibly explain the hunger and thirst and behavior is a high BG.

97.  enter huge sigh of relief.

Bug is just an ornery, possibly growing, almost four year old who thinks the world should still revolve around her.

Normal BG; normal four year old...well, not normal, but whatever!  She's my Bug!

the most recent example of the stuff she gets into!

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  1. Oh Bug, you are looking fab-U-lous with that lipstick on! LOL...and happy to hear BG check was good....stupid diabetes invading our thoughts all the time :o(


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