Sunday, June 3, 2012

Days Like These

From time to time, when Ubergeek has to work on something on the weekend that will have him out and about most of the day, he takes Bean with him.

She enjoys her time with her daddy.  Enjoys the 'one on one' and not having to 'deal with' her sister. ;)

I enjoy not having to break up the little yelling matches the girls get into.  The arguments like: 'she's not on her side of the couch' or  the 'but I was playing with it first' or 'why does she get to have more of a snack and I don't?'

And, I have to admit, the lack of carb counting and blood testing and insulin dosing is quite welcome, too.

Does that mean D isn't on my mind?  Hell-to-the-NO!!

Every time Bug asks for something to eat, I'm aware I don't have to measure it to accurately count carbs to be entered into a PDM to dose the correct amount of insulin to cover said carbs and balance out a BG if it's out of range.

Every time Bug acts out of sorts, I'm aware it's not time to pull out the PDM to test a blood sugar to see if a low or a high is the culprit, it's probably because she's just tired or upset about something and it's nothing a hug or cuddle won't cure.

Every time Bug decides she's not eating all (or any!) of what she's asked to eat, I'm aware it's not a big deal because it's not like she has insulin on board that I have to compensate for....her pancreas can do that all by itself!

I still think about how Bean is doing and will usually call or text Ubergeek at least once to check in on how her numbers are.

I still wonder if she's paying attention to how she's feeling and is treating a 'kinda' low before it becomes a 'chug the juice as fast as you can' low.

I still go over in my mind what I made sure was in her kit before she left and if it will be adequate to hold her if whatever Ubergeek is working on takes longer than planned.

And today, my mind keeps flitting off to FFL since the emails about the up coming fun keep popping into my inbox.  I'm super excited about all the different bloggers that will be there.  Moms that I've connect with through my computer that I'll actually be able to sit and talk with.  PWDs that have lived this life for most of their lives and are an amazing source of information and hope for me for Bean's future.  I'm giddier than a kid on Christmas Eve and we don't even leave for a month!!

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  1. So JEALOUS on the FFL...I'll be vacationing in Idaho and am gonna miss it...WAH!!!!


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