Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Same, for me, IRL

While Bean is enjoying a week of 'same for her' this week at D-Camp, I got to enjoy some 'same for me' with a leisurely lunch today with Becky from Pancreas FAIL.

Her son is at encampment this week (bummer that it's the same week as D-Camp, but that's life) so we took the opportunity to meet up on our own.

It was a great time of instant connection, chatting about this and that, laughing and smiles, commiserating about D crap, and just general good old conversation that seems to have to take a backseat to life sometimes.

Even though she's hundreds of miles up the road, I'm looking forward to more get togethers whenever they come down.  And, if we ever get up the road, I know a great family to hang out with!!

yeah, so the random waitress we asked to take the picture wasn't the best photographer...whatevs!


  1. Yay I love D-meetups! and you are adorable :o) I love the bracelet!

  2. I had a blast chatting and laughing with you today. It was an awesome meet up. For sure getting together again. ;)

  3. My son is at D-Camp this week too. (A day camp.) I'm glad to hear you're having some fun. I don't think I know Becky. I'll pop over to her blog...


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