Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not This Week

Here is a list of things that I won't be doing this week:

1. Counting carbs
2. Weighing food on a scale
3. Testing BGs
4. Asking for a number
5. Asking 'Was sagt die Wilma?'  (what we ask Bean when we want to know what her CGM says)
6. Setting an alarm for 2am
7. Changing a pod
8. Debating what food item will best treat a low or potential low
9. Going through a random drive through just for a water bottle to treat a high
10. Checking the clock before agreeing to a snack

Why am I not doing these things this week?

Because it's D-CAMP WEEK!!!

Bean left this afternoon for a two hour ride on a school bus filled with close to 60 T1D kids on their way to a fabulous week full of fun!
She has been super excited and was thrilled to help me pick out travel sized stuff at the store and pack her suit case full of everything from tank tops to sweat never know what the weather will be like in AK in the summer!!
We were asked to help with the check in process, with the photos, and it was super fun getting to talk with each of the campers.  There were teenagers who have been to camp 6 times and little seven year olds who are experiencing camp for the first time this year.
Bean made several brand new friends while waiting for our turn with the nursing staff as well as connected with friends from last year.  It's amazing to see the instant camaraderie between these kids.

It was way easier this year to hug her goodbye and wave to her from the sidewalk as she waved from the bus window.  It also helps to know that her FNP and CDE are part of the staff this year...especially since her BGs have been all over the place this week....Murphy's Law when it comes to having to keep a  log that other people will see!!

Ubergeek and I even got to enjoy a 'grown up' lunch  before getting Bug from the grandparents.  What a nice treat!!

I know it will feel much like last I've forgotten a part of my body because I won't have D stuff to take up to bed with me...but I know I'll be able to enjoy it a bit more this year because there's not the fear of the unknown.  We know she'll have a great time.  We know she's in great hands.  We know that she'll come back on Friday will great memories and stronger friendships and a bigger sense that she's not alone in this journey with D.

It's something that will always be a part of our summer plans because it is an amazing week of 'same' for her.
I totally recommend looking into a camp for your D kid if it's not already part of what you do. :)

rocking the pod on her arm...with stickers, of course!

bowing kisses goodbye...sitting with M, friend from far away AK


  1. What a nice treat for you and Bean. Enjoy!!!

  2. What a nice treat for you and Bean. Enjoy!!!

  3. Wow, lots of posts about camp! It is amazing to see the instant "same same" our kids have when they meet another little one with t1d. I have seen that with my daughter as well. Enjoy your break this week. Can't wait to hear how her week went!

  4. aww I hope she has a blast and i hope you get LOADS of sleep, have LOADS of fun, and don't worry too much my friend!

  5. Can I get a "WOOT! WOOT!" for Da Bean and her Mama!??? Wahoooo! I sure cannot wait to hear how camp went.


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