Saturday, October 13, 2012

12 of 12 October

I was so excited when my 'Do 12 of 12 Tomorrow' alarm went off on the night of the 11th. :)  So glad I set that alarm because me remembering things lately isn't working so well!!

And the day begins with a BG check at 1:18am that reveals the correction at 10pm
didn't do it's job...this has been happening quite often lately: a late night correction doesn't
quite cut it and the early morning correction tends to work to well...ugh!
Time to do some adjustments to those correction factors it seems.

Thanks to the lovely weather changes, my head has been not so happy with me.
Thank you, ibuprofen, for helping make me not so miserable.

Bean has recently discovered condiments. Specifically, mayo.  Can't remember
exactly when, but once she had it and described it as 'magical,' it's been a 
regular on her cheese sandwiches for school lunches.
Oh, and yes, I cut the crusts so it fits in the container.
In case you are wondering, that's an Ulu...a traditional Alaskan knife that I LOVE!!
Works better than a pizza cutter and it's my 'go to knife' for crust cutting every morning!

Yikes, time to scrape frost!  According to the car temp, it was 31 balmy degrees!
Welcome to mid-October!

Prepping colored goldfish for a graphing assignment in the Kindergarten
class I was subbing in.  Just for the record, Kindergarteners are a bit, but crazy!

Bean received her German Flag award for speaking German for 25 days
during the German part of her day.  This is the first time she's gotten her first
flag in the first quarter.  Super proud!

Not only is it BLUE FRIDAY, so I'm sporting my blue Sanitas,
I'm also protesting the cold by wearing my pants rolled up to their capri function.
Take that October!

Bug went to the store with me since Ubergeek was still at work and Bean 
was at a birthday party solo (more on that in an other post).  She had a 
grand old time making smiley faces with her breath on the frozen pizza doors.

Time to pick the winner for the Pump Peelz give away.

Sitting on the table behind the computer is my anniversary rose from
Ubergeek.  It's a pretty purple rose that smells wonderfully.
He's such a sweetie!  14 years and counting!

It's Fall, and with that comes the changing of leaves of deciduous trees.
(Those are the ones with broad leaves, in case you aren't up on your tree vocabulary.)
However, around here there are some seemingly evergreen trees
(the ones with needle type leaves that generally stay green all year)
that actually turn golden and drop their needles.  It's just plain bizarre if you ask me!

As everyone was saying it was time to go home, 
we were treated to an amazing show of Northern Lights
We were hanging out with friends, otherwise we would have slept right through them.
They were totally cool!  It's been years since I've seen them...hard to see with the 
lights of the city.  But our friends live 'out of town' where there aren't as many lights,
so we stood outside and stared into the sky.  The kids were in awe...most of them
seeing the Northern Lights for the first time.  Crap, the adults were in awe, too.
It's an amazing thing to watch them dance across the sky.


  1. The kindergarteners! I though they would be my favorite... I got over that though really quick.

  2. Really? No one is going to make a joke about you cutting the cheese?!

  3. LOL@ the cheese comment! and I am so jealous...I would love to see the Northern Lights :o)

  4. I have never seen full northern lights, just bits and pieces. I'm so jealous.

    You and I are so much alike by rolling our pants up :)

    I want one of those knives, so useful!

    Lastly... fall+me=migraines. every.single.year. I feel your pain.


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