Sunday, October 21, 2012

Third Annual Step Out Walk to STOP Diabetes

Sunday, October 14th, was our local ADA's Step Out Walk to STOP Diabetes.

It was also our third walk and happened to be Bean's second pod-aversary.

This year's walk was our best ever in terms of participation and money raised.  We had 17 team members made up of family and friends and we raised close to $3500. WOW!

A HUGE thanks to those who walked with us and those who donated.  We are honored that you took time out of your Sunday to join us and dug deep into your wallets to donate.

Here are a few pictures...the quality is a bit lacking, but that's what I get for forgetting my camera and using the cell phone. ;)

my 'name tag'

Bean's name tag and a lovely BG...excitement + activity = juice box!

we did 'racing bibs' this year instead of shirts

complimentary massage in the 'Red Strider Clubhouse'
and yes, I totally got one, too!


  1. LOVE the bib idea instead of shirts! and totally jealous of the massages :)

  2. Congrats on rockin' your third year!!!! :)


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