Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stepping Out at the Zoo

Tonight was the kick off event for our Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes that will be on October 30th.
More info to come as I clear some other more pressing items off the ol' TO DO list!! :)

It was at the Alaska Zoo and our group of Step Out Teams were the only ones there...totally cool!
There was a digital scavenger hunt, complete with prizes.  The Bean Team won a Brett Micheals autographed bandanna...woo hoo!

Here are some of the pictures....

picture of an animal on the top of the food chain

Bean on the look out for animals to fit the clues on the list
some of which were pretty tricky!

this is exactly how Bean framed this picture ...
there was supposed to be a team member in each shot with the animal
I suppose there's enough of Ubergeek to qualify!! ;)

we had to stage a 'death scene' in front of a dangerous
animal...good luck spotting the snoozing tiger!!

picture of team member jumping in front of an animal
that jumps...again, good luck spotting the snoozing wolverine
that the info sign said jumps from tree to tree

Bug getting into the jumping action, with a little help!

Huge thanks for all the LOVE from my 'downer' post. My computer friends are THE BEST!

One of the school events was last night and went off splendidly.  The other school event is now completely handed over to another board member.

Chatted with Bean's CDE at tonight's event and she's raring to go to help get all the needed school paperwork together with us at Bean's appointment this coming Monday.  Love her!

The updated school supply list won't even be out until the 11th, so no need to feel rushed to get to the store.

Do need to work on the 504 plan, but with help from Reyna and Tracy, that task is MUCH less daunting!  'Thanks' doesn't even come close!

Love you guys!  
     Ugh, that sooo needs to be ya'll since I grew up outside of Atlanta, but Alaska has frozen my ya'll and replaced it with you guys.  At least it doesn't sounds like I'm from  Minnesota when I say it...not that there's anything wrong with Minnesota! ;)


  1. Loves Ya TOO! Not sure where in the world they say it like that. :)

    And...the Zoo night looked like fun. Your death scene was "dramatic". Me likey. xo

  2. LOVE the pics! That sounds like such a cool event! I also love the drama of the "death scene" lolol..totally made me giggle! We went to the zoo the other day too and Emma was so frustrated that some of the animals just "laid there and didn't get up to come closer and see her" LOLOL

  3. Love the idea of a digital scavenger hunt, though not exactly sure what that entails. Looks like a fun time.

  4. LOVE the StepOut Walk, I did it last year...had such a great time!!! Also, won a Bret bandana??!?!?! Soooo jealous! :)

    Super cute zoo pics!!! Death scene = hilarious.

  5. How fun... Elise would have LOVED the polar bear.

    Plus, I am so jealous of the fact you are wearing pants in your pictures. I know that sounds weird, but take into account the it's 3 million degrees here in Texas.

  6. Hey, whatcha talkin' abooot? (That's my Minnesotan, since I'm from there originally!)

    Yay for a fun time at the zoo! I love seeing pics of you guys. Be sure and post pictures when it snows...then I will really be jealous because I miss it. I despise the desert...

  7. Fun pictures! I am so friggin HOT in Philly it's unbelievable. The city is like an oven. You wearing pants just made me actually sweat a little more.

  8. Looks so fun! I'm a bit jealous, I want to go to the zoo! ;) It's been so hot, the "death scene" just looks like my family, when the air conditioner broke! LOL!


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