Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Afternoon With 'Same'

'Same' is one of the most wonderful things when it comes to D.

Being able to hang out with others who are living life with a constant companion of numbers and blood drops and carb counting is always nice.

On Sunday, we hung out with C (mom) and M (T1 daughter), whom we had met at the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes last October.  They live out in remote western Alaska and come into town for their D appointments.  We had planned in October to get together the next time they were in, and thankfully it worked out that we could!  

We had a yummy lunch, complete with glucose meters and button pressing to deliver insulin.  Chatted about life with silly girls and little sisters, crazy relatives and school work, and a little D thrown in every now and then, because it's always a part of everything!

Then off for a little dessert before heading to a movie.  (If you haven't seen Big Miracle, I highly recommend it!)

As we were walking to our respective vehicles after the movie, Bean and M were arm in arm, determined to not let go of each other!  They hit it off, as most 8 year old girls do; but this friendship is deeper than the shared enjoyment of coloring Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses and taking funny pictures and movies.  It's the 'same' of D that instantly bonds; the comfort of sitting next to someone who is also testing their blood sugar before a bite of lunch is consumed; the struggle of knowing that food needs to be consumed because of an insulin dose when tummies are too full to take anymore.

'Same' goes a long way with us moms, too.  Laughing about forgetting D supplies and feeling like the biggest loser mom; feeling anxious right along with each other while talking about camp and sleepovers; having that heart wrenching ache while listening to the story of waiting for air transport with a very, very sick child.

I am grateful for friends.  I am even more grateful for D friends because that 'same' just makes that friendship even sweeter...no pun intended! ;)

The girls are so excited about and are looking forward to seeing each other at camp this summer.  And I'm looking forward to lots more get togethers and sharing 'same' and friendships that help make this life with D so much better!


  1. We had such a great afternoon with you guys. It was the highlight of our trip. Monday's appt. was hard as it was blood screenings and she stresses hard about those. We are home again with the memories we made. Looking forward to June. Thanks again for a great day!

  2. What an awesome post - love those meetups with people who are the "same." Sounds like the girls had a good time, all around! Thanks for the great post and smiling photo there!

  3. CUTE picture! You can really see the instant friendship in their eyes. kudos!

  4. So glad that you all could meet up! The girls look so happy :)

  5. Love this and love how happy they look together! I'm sure the "same" our kids feel when they meet another one with T1D is even more amazing than the "same" feeling we have when meeting another parent of a child with T1D.

  6. Love this post and how happy those sweet "SAME" girls look. I'll bet they are super excited about camp...how awesome is that? :)


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