Friday, April 27, 2012

Finding The Beep

It's amazing how tuned in we are to the beeps that come along with D.

It was a bit odd, however, to hear the familiar 'beep beep' of a pod while Bean was at school today.

Granted, there were three pods that had been activated and then left to fend for themselves when the PDM errored and then errored again and then errored again.  There's no way to deactivate the pod once the PDM freaks out, so in the bag they went to expire on their own.

This morning around 9:30, I hear 'beep beep...beep beep' and head to the pantry where the pods that have served their purpose wait in a bag until they go back to Insulet to be recycled.  Thankfully, I had sent back three bags full (142 pods, if I remember correctly) not too long ago, so there was only a month or so worth of pods in the bag (32, I think is what I counted).  Still, trying to figure out which of those pods was the beeping (literally and figuratively!) culprit was a challenge.

I listened and waited, checking out this pod and that pod, trying to narrow it down to the ones that it might be.  I pried a couple open and removed the little springs to brake the connection to the beeper inside the pod.  I thought I had it....but no, the beep beep...beep beep continued.

Now, Bug is still dealing with Hand, Foot, and Mouth and has resorted to pre-word sound making to try to get her point across.  And not the cute sound making, the "I don't feel good and I don't know how to fix it" screaming type sounds.  She has only eaten vanilla ice cream for the past two days because that's the only thing that doesn't aggravate the sores in her mouth and throat.  So, adding the beeping to the times!

I decided that I was just going to ignore the beeping because it was almost nap time and I was done trying to figure out which stupid pod was making the noise.  Plus, I had planned to snooze a bit with Bug and then grab a shower.  (the snoozing lasted longer than I expected, which was no big deal, but that meant the shower didn't happen...oh, well!)

We went to pick up Bean and Ubergeek and when we got home, the beeping had increase in frequency.  I told Ubergeek about my quest and subsequent surrender and the plan I had to just let them expire on their own and the beeping would stop and he said they wouldn't stop beeping (still not sure about that being true) and decided he would find the beeping pod himself.

He had pods scattered here and there, trying to isolate which group had the offender in it.

Since Bean was running high (200s and into the 300s) today, we went ahead and did a pod change...both to try to get her BG back in range and to activate the NEW PDM!!!!  It actually arrived yesterday (a day earlier than Insult thought...yippee!!) but I wasn't going to make Bean do a pod change again until it was 'time.'  All the settings are programmed and everything is back to normal, whatever that is!

What's funny is that I did the pod change while the search for the beeps was still going on because Bean was hungry for dinner and didn't really care to wait until the random pod was found!  The beeps that come along with testing and dosing were a bit distracting.  Ubergeek would rush over to one of the isolated groups and I'd say, 'nope, she's just testing.'  Another beep, more rushing, I'd say, 'nope, that's just her bolus being delivered.'  Another beep, more rushing, I'd say, 'nope, that's the end of the bolus.'  Kinda wish I could have made some more random beeps just to see Ubergeek holding pods up to his ear!!! ;)

It took quite sometime, close to an hour, but we finally pried open and de-beeped all the pods that had lost their connections, thankfully!!  Now we can go back to the normal beeps of our lives!!


  1. Glad to read "Sleep" came before "cleanliness" are a girl after my own heart. The beeping with the pods kinda sounds annoying...glad you guys found the culprit.

  2. Omword...that sounds so annoying...I would be driving over pods! Glad you had the patience to figure it out. Hope all the other things are short lived.

  3. Oy...the beeping would have driven me insane...kudos to your and Ubergeeks perseverance!


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