Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Grande Affaire

Last night Ubergeek, Bean, and I attended our local ADA's The Grande Affaire Black and White Gala.

We had a great time!

Our FNP had twisted my arm into agreeing to perform the Type 1 D Moms song (see video on the right side of page).  It took some persuading because I had done that song for my bloggy mom friends, not to actually sing IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!!!

Bean, of course, came as part of the package, because, let's face it, she's STINKING CUTE and everyone could ooo and ahhh over her and it didn't matter how much of a fool I made of myself. ;)

Because we also had another event last night, Bean got to hang out with our favorite T1D babysitter at the hotel. They had a blast painting each other's fingernails and ordering room service.

We left our first event, a bit later than planned because Ubergeek was flapping his gums and was having a hard time pulling himself away.  I drove since he had enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and was trucking along trying hard not to be a speed demon.  However, the cop that pulled us over thought that me doing 44 in a 35 was too fast.  UGH!!!  Thankfully, he let me off with just a warning...maybe it was Ubergeek's bow tie (he's totally convinced of that!) or the fact that I was touching up my lipstick when he came back from running my info (yeah, right!).  So, off we went again, a bit more closely following the speed limits.

We called the fabulous babysitter (you think we might like her, just a bit?!?) to have her and Bean meet us outside the ballroom since we were running a bit behind.  We got there mere minutes before we were supposed to go on stage.  I needed to make a quick trip to the powder room and, of course, they call us up to the stage while I'm in there!!!  When I walked jogged as best I could in heeled boots, trying to not get out of breath before having to sing, Bean was making small talk on the mic with the MC. Gotta love that kid!!

I talked a bit about how the song came to be and then we sang.  Four minutes later, we were off the stage.  Bean and I both breathed a sigh of relief and were stopped by lots of people for high fives and compliments on how cute she was on stage.  A mom of two T1s stopped me and thanked me for singing a song that was so 'right on' with what we all go through.  She said, "Most of the people in this room might not have known what all that was about, but I did and I LOVED IT!"  It's stuff  like that that make doing things we don't always like to do worth it!!

Bean begged to go back to the room with the fabulous babysitter (way more fun than a room full of dressed up adults!), so off they went.

Ubergeek and I enjoyed a lovely meal, watched the hilarious live auction, and hung out with our wonderful FNP and CDE.  We also got to talk with one of the ADA gals that had been at camp last summer with Bean and found out that she was inspired by Bean to try the Omnipod after 20 years of MDI.  She's been podding for almost a month now! A truly humbling thing for me to know that my little girl has that much impact on others.  She truly is amazing!

Now for the best part...the pictures!!

with our fab CDE and FNP
and just for the record, I did NOT look that big in the mirror, UGH!!!

singing, obviously ;)

the best part of the night!

Oh, and before you, we didn't get video.  I KNOW!!  How could we NOT?!?
Blame it on Ubergeek who didn't think to grab the video camera. ;)
Maybe someone at the event got it on video...I don't know.  If something does turn up, I promise to post it...even though I most likely won't want to!!


  1. guys are adorable. If I would have known about this event I totally would have come and cheered you guys on! Maybe next year, I don't think we have anything like that up North. How fun and go you guys for inspiring another pod convert.

  2. No video??? Noooooooooo! Btw, you look fabulous.

  3. LOVE IT! and i agree you looked FABULOUS!! All of you did!!

  4. That last picture did me in . . . so sweeeeeeeeet!


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