Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail

Yesterday we enjoyed a fun fill time at the Easter Carnival at the childcare center Bug spends a couple of days a week while I'm working.

There were games and eggs and bunnies and yummy treats.  The girls had a great time!

Today we had yummy muffins for breakfast (skyrocketing BG and all, but it wasn't as terrible as it could have been thanks to a seriously cranking temp basal!) and then the girls got gussied up in their dresses from my mother.  She has always gotten their Easter dresses, just a tradition that kinda happened and I love it...and so do the girls!

Church service was great.  Several people shared how their life has been changed because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It was touching hearing their stories.  It makes this great big God that can seem out of reach sometimes into someone you can have a personal relationship with.  I love that!!

Then we had a nice lunch and afternoon with Ubergeek's parents.

Easter is the one time that their colors switch...and this year it caused some drama.

When Bean was little, she had SO MUCH PINK I decided that I'd get her a cute little purple bunny for Easter.  Plus, it matched the dress my mother had gotten her. ;)  So, being the 'tradition' person I am, I kept getting her purple bunnies.

Enter Bug and purple became her color.  But, when Easter rolled around for her, she couldn't have the same color bunny as her sister...why? just cuz, duh!  So, she got a pink bunny.

There was drama this morning when the girls got their bunnies because Bug insisted that purple was HER color and she tried to trade with her sister, who was all too willing to do it because she prefers pink.
Um, NO, that's not the way this tradition works!!  After some chatting, they kept their original bunnies and have been repeating all day "Easter is the one time we switch colors."

Oh, and it's a good thing I didn't keep with my tradition of sandals for Easter, no matter the temperature, because no one needs to see this ghastly thing:

It's a bit more colorful in person...shades of blue and green and purple.  It's still pretty stiff and rather tender. 
Hoping it doesn't take too much longer to feel better!!


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family! The girls look adorable and I LOVE their dresses! big time OUCH to your foot though, my friend...hope it is feeling less sore soon!

  2. Love the dresses. My daughter loves muffins. I think she loves it more then chocolate. It even raises her BGs more than chocolate. I have tried to master the muffin to insulin ratio but the muffin always wins. =)

  3. Happy belated Easter! We get the highs or occasionally get lucky and get lows due to excitement (this year - so he got to eat candy all morning). Very cute pics of the girls!


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