Friday, April 13, 2012

You Can Do This Project ~ Featured Video!

Kim over at Texting my Pancreas is the fab bloggy gal that created the You Can Do This Project that has inspired so many people living with Diabetes to share their stories and provide encouragement to others living with this crazy disease.  If you don't know about it, I'm glad you are finding out about it now...and have decided to stop living under your rock!! ;)

There are video entries and blog entries; some are cheerful and upbeat; some reach to the depths of the pit that we can find ourselves in because of D; each one is inspiring in it's own way.

Bean's video happens to be the 'featured video' this week!  Not that you can't watch the video right over there on the side of this's just cool to go check out the You Can Do This blog to access all sorts of amazing stories of people all over the world, of all ages living the D life.  And it's cool that people who might not visit this blog can see it because it's over there!  Plus, who doesn't need a smile while listening to the ridiculously cheery background music!  (LOVE that music!!  Makes me want to cook in pumps and pearls and a frilly apron!)

Happy Friday!!


  1. Awesome video! And you're right about the music - nice Genie glitter to go with it. :)


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