Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dream a Little Dream of 'D'

It's by no means the first dream I've had about 'D' since Bean's diagnosis last June and I know it won't be the last, but I thought I'd share this one none-the-less.

It happened between the 4am check and when Bean woke up shortly after 7.  I've been adjusting her overnight basals for the past two weeks. Trying this dose, with a correction; that dose without  a correction; this dose again without a correction; that dose with reduced corrections; and now a combination of this dose AND that dose, usually without a correction.

But not last night.  Last night she just wasn't coming down like she had been.  I corrected her at 10pm, not quite the full amount because she had been coming down on her own overnight, but she was up there (315 to be exact) and Ubergeek and I agreed we should correct her.  Well, at 11, she was only down to 310.  Seriously?!  I didn't 'do' anything since it had only been an hour and set by alarm for 1am (oh, goodie).  At 1, she was down to 262.  Not great, but I was OK with leaving her there since she had been coming down on her own the past few nights.  Set alarm for 4 (fabulous).  At 4 she was back up to 282...seriously?!  So, obviously she wasn't reacting like she has been, so I decide to correct.  I felt OK about doing the full amount since her BG obviously wasn't cooperating and since I knew she'd be up around 7 anyway.

So, back to sleep I went....enter the Dream. (oh, yeah, that's what this post is supposed to be about!)

  Bean is at school.  She's with her class in the library and her teacher is reading a book.  I'm there volunteering and happen to walk through the library.  I make eye contact with Bean and notice she is looking out of it.  I ask her how she's feeling and she says "fine" at first, but then says "not so good."  So I say what I say about a million times a day "give me a number."  She does and it's 919.  Holy Crap!  I have her wash her hands (in the library no less!) and she tests again.  819.  Better, but still Holy Crap!   We proceed to correct at an outrageous number, like 100 units, and go on our merry way.

Now, let me point out some insanities about this dream...not all of them maybe obvious :)
  1. There isn't a library at Bean's school at the moment, much less a place to wash her hands there.
  2. We don't have a meter that would read 819, much less 919.
  3. It takes about 8 days or more for Bean to go through 100 units.

I'm sure my subconscious was still obsessing about Bean staying high and I'm sure I was second guessing myself about giving her the full correction.  This was a pretty 'tame' dream by D standards, so I didn't wake up freaked out...OK, I did, but not terribly! And not enough to get up and check on her.

Isn't it enough that D seems to rule our days.  Can't it see fit to leave my dreams alone since there's such a small amount of sleep going on anyway?!

Oh, Bean woke up at 7:08 and since we didn't need to be up yet I suggested she go back to bed. (Hey, I was tired and wasn't thinking straight enough to have her test first!)  She came back in about 20 minutes later..."Mom, I feel low!"  Great!  Make me feel like crap already!  "Give me a number" (first of many times that will be said today!)  Beep (blood had made it to the strip)  Beep, Beep (number on the screen) I'm thinking, 'whoa, that beep beep came fast, she is  low. lovely!'  "Mom, I'm 53."  Crap! (ok, not what I really thought, but whatever!)  Ubergeek pulls a juice box out of his backpack that's by the bed...wasn't even aware he was awake!  Bean sucks it down it 5 seconds flat and then goes back to bed to relax for a while.

I lay there making mental notes about reducing corrections and fiddling with basals and try to drift back to non-D dreamland for a little while longer!  It is Sunday morning and that mean Ubergeek is on breakfast duty so I can get ready for church in peace. :)


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog and welcome to the DOC! Ahhhh, yes! D-Dreams... I hate them! Can't even escape this disease in the little time we get to sleep. Yours sounded like a doozy!

    We also call our daughter, "Bean"... how old is your bean?

    Mind if I add you to my blog roll?

  2. My first comment! I'm smiling from ear to ear!
    My Bean is 7.
    Feel free to add me...I'd be honored since it was your blog that opened the DOC door to me when I started reading it a few months ago. :)

  3. DREAMS! ACK!!!!!

    Troubleshooting highs.....ay yi much BRAINPOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad that 919 was just a dream, but bummer on waking up to reality with a 53 :(

    Nice to "meet" you!

  4. Hello!! I found you via Joanne...welcome to the DOC! My little guy was diagnosed last August, and he's just about to turn 5. It has been such a learning curve, but the DOC has been AMAZING! I am looking forward to getting to know you!

  5. Wow, what a small world - I always notice clefts too. :) Adam's just involved the lip as well! During his ultrasound at 20 weeks, they told us the palate was involved, but when he was born, it was intact and he was able to breastfeed and everything. I'll have to post some old baby pics one of these days. He had is lip repaired at 4 months...


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