Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

Thought I'd share a few random thoughts brain is rather fried after this weekend so the ability to put together more than a sentence or two at a time is beyond possible! :)

Easter Sunday was FABULOUS!!  All four services were packed and God moved in amazing ways.  Being able a part of the worship team was amazing.  It's been a while since I've sung on stage (Christmas, in fact) and it was so great to a part of such an amazing team. 
Thankfully my throat held out and only started really burning towards the middle of the last service.  Enter full on sinus drainage and swollen glands by the time we arrived at my in-laws for dinner.  Needless to say, as soon as the girls were in bed last night, so was I!!

Bean's BG numbers were interesting yesterday.  Not a whole lot of edible Easter goodies to wreak havoc, just some random numbers.  Plus, we did a pod change right before dinner and she was a bit low and my brain dead self didn't dose correctly for evening numbers were off, but thankfully back under control overnight!

Bean is having 'hot lunch' today at school....something she rarely does because she's quite the picky eater plus it's nearly impossible to SWAG the carb count for the catered meals.  (Yes, I said catered.  Bean goes to a charter school that doesn't have the regular school lunch program.)  Last time she had 'this' lunch, her BG sky rocketed, so I upped the carb count for today's lunch and we'll see what happens!!

I'll leave you with one last thought....there was one line in one of the songs that we sang yesterday that 'hit me' during one of the services.  "You're above anything thrown my way."  Anything...including diabetes...God is above.  He knows what's going on; nothing is a surprise to Him.  I can go to Him with anything that's thrown at me and He can help me get over it, deal with it, walk through it, and learn from it.  He can do the same for you, too!!


  1. Happy be-lated Easter...AND...good luck with the "hot catered lunch"...that sounds like a freakin' nightmare. I have to make Joe's ratio stronger (ie more insulin) on hot lunch days. Either their carb counts are off OR the nutritional make-up of the food causes him to skyrocket.

  2. 2 Thumds up to your Random Post. I relate to random . . . it's my new language ;)


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