Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Mine turn?"

A couple of other D'moms (Diapeepees and My Sweetest Boy) have shared today about how younger siblings are affected by D, so I thought I'd share a little bit, too....(look at me, linking to other blogs!!)

Bug (2 and a bit more than a half years old at the moment) is four and a half years younger than Bean, to the day.  They share birthdays/half-birthdays.  Kinda cool I think and they do, too.  Bug is your typical little sister...wants to do everything her big sister is doing whether it's appropriate or not.

Brushing her hair ~ Super, one less thing for me to do.

Writing with pencils ~ OK, fine; just don't go running around the house with it.

Cutting with scissors ~ Yikes! but she's actually pretty good with them, so every once in a while I let her.

D stuff ~ Um, no thanks! One T1 is plenty at the moment.

I'll share a few little stories that still bring a smile to my face, so hopefully they will for you, too:

  About a week after Bean was dx, we ventured out to our normal Tuesday at the park with friends.  I hadn't told any of them yet and was planning to that day but that didn't happen. So, we waited until we were in the car to test.  Bean was ready for something to eat and since we were going to be eating lunch as soon as we got home I decided to let her have something to eat right then and go ahead and add it in to her lunch shot.  She was doing 'leg for lunch' so she hiked up her pants for her shot.  One, two, three, inject; one, two, three, four, five, pull out needle.  Bean started eating and I was packing everything away when I hear, "Mama, mine turn now?" and look over to see that Bug had her pant leg all rolled up waiting for her shot!  She wasn't quite 2 yet!  I told her no, that she didn't need a shot but she could have a snack.  She was visibly disappointed, but said, "OK, just a snack."

  Bug has also turned just about everything in the play doctor's kit into something D related.  The shot is obvious.  She would put it up to her arm, count one, two, three and push the plunger then count one, two, three, four, five and pull it away.  The thermometer is also a shot, but it was always used in the leg like Bean's insulin pen.  It also pulled dual duty as a lancing device for BG tests.

  Bug turns just about every bag and purse (and there are tons of them around this house!) into a 'kit' which is what we call Bean's diabetes supply bag.  She'll even get mortally offended some days if you dare call her little backpack a diaper bag.  "No, Mama, that's my KIT!"

  The most recent was this past Saturday.  We went by the coffee stand (skinny, decaf, 3pump vanilla latte, please!) on our way to the morning's activities and that means a cookie for Bug and she knows it very well.  It was a tradition started with Bean, though she doesn't get them often now because of school more than because of D since our coffee stand stops are usually when Bean's not with us.  Granted, when Bean is with us, I let her have a little piece, too and cover accordingly.  So, anyway...we are waiting for our yummy goodness to be handed through the window and Bug shouts from the backseat "I LOVE GRAMS!"  What?!?!  Ubergeek and I look at each other trying to figure out if we heard her right.  We both ask, "you love what?"  "GRAMS! I LOVE GRAMS!"  Then it dawns on me....every time Bean eats, she asks me "how many grams" so she can plug it into her PDM so she can bolus.  So I ask Bug if this is what she means and in her best two and a half year old 'wow, mom you are so slow' voice she replies, "Yes, I LOVE GRAMS, like Bean (uses her real name, of course) gets to eat!"

Gotta love it!!


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog. I have a seven-year-old son diagnosed with T1D at age 4 in 2007. I also have two other kids, and my youngest was two when his older brother was diagnosed. Before he could say much else, he would ask, "How many carbs is dis?" I can totally picture your little Bug saying, "I love grams!" Very cute! :)

  2. So sweet! My youngest has said/done some things over the years to be just like her big sis! My fave has been over our Mardi Gras break when she wore her pretend pump and carried around her meter (an old one of C's)...she still carries it around from time to time and "checks" herself at meals and snacks! I think to myself often that as she gets older she'll be a great caretaker for her sister :)

  3. The shot stuff is so familiar. Our 2 year old is the same way. She always asks for a "shot too?" And then when we took her to get a shot at the doctor, she more than happily obliged. But, her face was so funny to watch when it went in and she realized it hurt. You wouldn't know it, though. She kept a straight face. Two year olds are great! Super entertaining.

  4. Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to pop over! I have a nine year old girl dx 1/23/09 and two younger children. I look forward to reading more about you and your family.

  5. My lil one was about 6 months old when his big bro was dx. So the D life is all he really knows. He likes his bg tested and definitely likes to treat lows. I love the things kids say. 2-3yr olds are so darn cute!!! thanks for linking to my post and for sharing your fun stories too. :-)

  6. that is too adorable! thanks for sharing the stories and making me smile :o)

  7. YAY FOR GRAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love kids and their language :)

    PS -- Great job with the linky love! Bloggers love to get linked! You're an old pro already!

  8. Me too!!! GRAMS are YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!

    So cute!

  9. Thanks for the comment love on my blog. Thought I would pop over and return some love. :)

    I look forward to getting to know you and the fam. We love the OmniPod. Alarms and all. We had 6 last week. Seriously!

    I want to read Bean's dx story but I will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm about to go to bed and they always make me so sad. :(

    Anywho - - - sorry for the long comment. Just wanted to say HI.


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