Monday, April 11, 2011

Thank You, DOC ... you help make D 'good'

Just a quick post to say "thanks!!!" to everyone for their warm welcome.  I am truly overwhelmed and honored to be a part of such an amazing group.  I look forward to building friendships, gaining and offering support, and just hanging out with all of you awesome D-moms, CWD and PWD.  Just knowing that you are all out there living the D life makes it a bit easier!

  I remember having a conversation with Bean about a week or so after her dx, trying to comfort her as she was sobbing at bedtime.  She had done her 'regular' prayer and then asked if she could do a 'special' prayer to ask God to take away her diabetes.  We, of course, prayed because nothing is impossible with Him and sometimes we have not because we ask not.

  After the prayer and after I gained a bit of my composure back, I tried to explain to her as best I could that we had to be OK if God didn't take her diabetes away.  We had to trust that He had a plan and a purpose because that's something He's promised us.  I reminded her of the verse about how He works all things together for good for those who love and trust in Him.  She wanted to know how diabetes was good. (Insert knife into heart and twist! God, help me!)  So, I started telling her about the friends she has made because of D that we might never have met.  She has two new playmates, one a year younger who has T1 and her sister a year older, who are totally fun to hang out with.  And she has a teenager friend (pretty cool for a 6 1/2 year old!) who not only has T1 and can help her with D like I won't ever be able to, she has a HORSE that Bean gets to learn how to ride.  And that never would have happened without D!

  We both agreed that those were some pretty 'good' things.  I also went on to explain that God might even use her to help someone else who is diagnosed with diabetes in the future and that's another way He will make it good because she would be a blessing to others.  She thought that was pretty cool because she has such a tender heart and is always looking out for others and wants to help.

  So, she settled in her bed and drifted off to sleep and I went downstairs and cried some more!  It was a much needed release of holding it together for a week or so.  And as I cried, He reminded me of my words, the words He had given me, to share with Bean to bring her comfort and comforted me with them. much for the 'quick post.'  That 'diarrhea' of the mouth that I've been reading about on some other blogs must be contagious!! ;)


  1. So glad to have you in the DOC...and those first days, weeks, months, even years...are... well, unforgettable due to the shear difficulty of emotions that our children and we, as their parents, deal/dealt with.

    You did a great job pointing out the positive during a time where I am sure it was not so easy.

  2. Glad you've got the DOC and we've got you too! Great job on explaining the good to Bean...I know that's never easy!

  3. Hi, glad you have found the DOC. My daughter was diagnosed at the age 4 1/2 around the same time as your daughter on 6/24/10. I am so familiar with those emotions you describe! I blog at


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