Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Knocked O-verrr!

We've been watching more than our fair share of 'Despicable Me' around our house.  It seems like the girls get stuck on a couple of movies and they get watched to death.  Thankfully, 'Despicable Me' is one that I enjoy watching (or at least hearing in the background!) so I don't mind that it's on the frequently requested list.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when the girls convince Gru to take them to Super Silly Fun Land and then get him to let them play for the stuffed unicorn. ('It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!')  As we all know, those amusement park games are set up to be nearly impossible to win. The girls try and try, even hitting the elusive space ship, but alas, not knocking it over.  Then, it's Gru's turn.  He pulls out a handy dandy weapon (really need to get me one of those coats!) and destroys the entire game and the little space ship crumbles to pieces.  He then proclaims, with a sly grin, "KNOCKED O-VERRR!"  Love it!!

I feel like D can be that stupid little space ship sometimes.  No matter how well you aim, you miss it.  Even if you do hit it, it won't fall over.  You have the carb count spot on, you are confident in the ratios, basal rates have been spot on....BUT those BGs just aren't what they are supposed to be.

We have this issue with a certain food combination at the moment.

Bean eats an almond butter sandwich, sans crust (she's never liked peanut butter, even in cookies ~ what's wrong with her!?!), applesauce, and milk every day for lunch at school.  It treats her great.  Sure, she heads into the low 200s (sometimes high 200s, but not so much anymore with her current ratios) by the time she tests for her after school snack, but part of that is her uncovered cheese that she has when her class is having their snack.

Well, on the weekends, she sometimes wants a similar combination for breakfast: almond butter toast and milk; no applesauce, so you'd think it wouldn't spike her at all.  Well, you'd be wrong!  We have consistently seen spikes well into the 300s and even low 400s at times!!  What the (enter appropriate word here, depending on how high the number is!)?!?! Seriously?

How in the world does her body react pretty well to this meal for lunch but totally spiral out of control when she has it for breakfast?  Stupid spaceship!!

It's at these times I wish I had Gru's coat and I could whip out a high powered D weapon and blast the whole 'game' that we are forced to play each day with this crappy disease away!



  1. I know sometimes your body can be more resistant to insulin in the morning so that may be the case here. Can't say for sure, but it's a possibility!

  2. Great analogy! I think the insulin resistance in the morning has something to do with dawn phenomenon? I might be wrong. Do you have different I:C ratios for breakfast and lunch? We do...Adam definitely needs more insulin with breakfast than lunch. He's at about 1:15 for breakfast and 1:22 for lunch. Crazy!

  3. Joe is wicked resistant in the mornings. His ratio is TWICE as strong at breakfast..even three times as strong as lunch and dinner....CrAzY!!!

  4. Bean's ratio is the same for breakfast and lunch, then switches for afternoon snack and dinner.
    She doesn't have the spike with the breakfast she eats (yogurt and a nutritional shake)...averages 188 before recess which is about 3-3.5 hrs after breakfast. Even if we add some crackers (usually Ritz, 11 carbs worth) she doesn't see a significant spike.
    It's the darn almond butter toast/milk combo that send her sky high!
    It's on my 'questions to ask the CDE' next Tuesday!!

  5. Hi...I just found your blog via Joanne's and wanted to stop by and say hello! I'm Connie and my blog is called Hope and Beginnings...I have two daughters with type 1 diabetes and this DOC is a great source of support and knowledge.

    Hopefully your CDE will be able to offer you some solutions, I know how frustrating those high bgs can be and sometimes they are a real mystery. Good luck and I look forward to learning more about you! girls loooove Despicable Me (and so do I) :)

  6. Hmmm...if she doesn't spike after yogurt and a shake, perhaps is there more fat in the almond butter toast and milk, causing a slowed absorption of carbs and causing a later spike?

    My kids are big fans of Despicable Me, and my husband can imitate Gru rather well. So the kids are always begging him, "Do your Gru voice, dad!" :)

  7. I love that movie. I'm a sucker for adoption themes and also the oldest and youngest look and act just like my own daughters. Not a D related comment I know. But maybe the one thing the movie offers is a message of love and hope........something we all need more of.

  8. We LOVE that movie too! In fact, Emma had to have that as her birthday cake theme this I think the little yellow minions are adorable. :o) I hear ya on the random/inexplicable BG spikes...they are completely unfair and make my brain hurt trying to figure them out. I hope you get some answers from the CDE!

  9. We have teh movie, but sad to say I haven't watched it yet!!! I misght just have to go pop myself some corn and curl up on teh couch for a viewing. Thanks for the great analogy!!!

  10. love the analogy.
    breakfast is tough for us too...cereal will spike him sky high but a huge bagel or a ton of pancakes is no prob. Hmmmmm????

  11. Breakfast is really tough for us too. Can you believe that my girls haven't seen that movie yet? Now you've peaked my interest...will have to check it out!


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