Monday, May 7, 2012

The One Where I End Up Doing What I Didn't Want To Do

Hi there.

Yeah, it's me.

Remember me?

I've been wanting to sit and blog, but every time I do, it just seems like I'm whining and complaining.

**I've already typed and deleted three beginnings to this post that were total whine-fests!!**

Everyone's tired.  Everyone feels like they aren't doing all they can for their D-kid.  Everyone gets hurt and sick and run down.  Everyone feels lost and disconnected.  Everyone sets goals they can't seem to achieve.

Why am I any different?  Why do I deserve to whine and complain about my life?  Why do I think anyone wants to read about 'poor little ole me'?

Why?  Because we all need to know that we're not the only one suffering in this crazy world.  Because maybe you've been stuck in crap land, too, and need to know you have company.  Because maybe you're flying high and can offer words of encouragement, hope.

**gosh, I might as well break out the cheese because I'm sure whining enough, huh?**

I think I have the opposite of Spring Fever.

Sure, I'm loving the sunlight (almost 17 hours today!!) and the fact that green grass is growing and trees are budding and I've been wearing my flip flops (yeah, it's in the 40s and 50s, what of it?)

However, Bean has 8 days of school left.  That means that summer is upon us and there are days to fill with activities so that the girls don't kill each other and/or I don't use some fancy duct tape on them!  (have you seen some of the ridiculously CUTE duct tape that's out there?)

It also means D-Camp and VBS and culture camp and Friends for Life and camping.  Stuff that overwhelms my brain with logistics and finances and planning and ugh!

I'm dreading the 'catch up' that H.A.S  T.O happen with Bean over the summer with her school stuff.  She needs work to get her where she needs to be before the beginning of school in August.  She knows it; I know it; but there's a reason I don't home school, so I'm hoping we don't kill each other in the process of enhancing her education!!

Not to mention the 'around the house' projects that need to fixing the leaking roof (which isn't leaking now that all the snow's gone), fixing the ceiling that was damaged because of the leaking, ripping out and replacing carpet damaged by the leaking, deciding if we are returning the girls to the same room and if not, painting and decorating the other room, whittling away at the clutter and crap...a never ending process, it seems!

UGH!  I already want to take a nap tomorrow just thinking about it all!!

So, I guess I just needed to much for not having a complaining post!

Super happy Diabetes Blog Week is next week!  Looking forward to getting out of this bloggy dry spell!!
   **Make sure you go and sign up!  It's such a wonderful week of same in the fabulous DOC!**


  1. Great post, made me smile. Thanks

  2. i feel the same way sometimes, my friend! like all i do is alternate from whiny complaining happy motivate attempts Amy....ughh. Thanks for making me feel normal! :o)

  3. What is DOC? I saw it on the song video and in your post above. Just curious. Thanks!

  4. Thanks! I knew it had to be something simple--and related to diabetes! (ha)


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